Sunshine Coast Home Studios

Building a Home Studio on the Sunshine Coast is a great investment. Home Studios on the Sunshine Coast can be used to generate rental income, as a garden retreat, music or art studio, or home office. At The Shed House, we offer a great range of multi-purpose Home Studio plans that are designed to suit the Sunshine Coast lifestyle. With the rise and rapid improvement of new technologies including the NBN on the Sunshine Coast, building a Home Studio is a great choice for expanding your living space.   

The Sunshine Coast holds great opportunity for backyard Home Studio builds and transportables - there is sure to be a option to suit you! 

Where & What? Council Laws

One of the determining factors as to what you will be able to build and where you can build your Home Studio on the Sunshine Coast, will sit with your local Council. Below are a few drop downs to the Sunshine Coast council laws to provide a basis for what is allowed with the local council.

Basic Sunshine Coast Council Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

What Plans Can I Choose? 

Studios are designed to be smaller in size - so most will not surpass the Sunshine Coast council requirements for secondary dwelling sizes.  If you are after a larger plan, we recommend looking at our Sunshine Coast Granny Flat options or Sunshine Coast Kit Home options

The Button Bush




The Golden Cascade





Can I Build My Own Studio? 

Of course, you are able to build your own Studio on the Sunshine Coast - with an Owner Builders permit. Make sure you read through our process for Owner Builders, and tips for Owner Builders when constructing a Studio