The Shed House Building Material Quality

The Shed House prides its self on sourcing quality locally manufactured building material.  We also like to encourage the use of environmentally sustainable building products and smart building design to minimise the impact on the environment. Ask us for more information about how we can design an off grid or eco home for you!

The Shed House Build Process
12. Shed House Build Process
The Shed House Build Process
The Shed House provides a platform which streamlines the design and build process for owner builders or those looking for a turn key solution.

Steel Framing

Truecore Steel Framing

Each Shed House frame will be made from TRUECORE® Steel and designed for ease of construction with pre-punched service holes. The frame is lightweight and therefore easy to move for installation.

A Shed House frame will stand the test of time. It is termite and borer proof, and the frame won’t catch fire.

Read more about our frames here.

Cladding and Roofing

COLORBOND® Steel is tested in Australian conditions to look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance. At COLORBOND® they understand that our climate can be pretty tough, and that's why they have assessed sites from around all of Australia as well as in laboratories . Their building material undergoes corrosion testing, durability testing, application testing and outdoor exposure testing.  They have a genuine understanding of how COLORBOND® products work on real homes. 

There are further benefits to COLORBOND®, including thermal efficiency and sustainable performance. Every colour (except Night Sky®) in the standard COLORBOND® steel ranges features Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. Thermatech® technology is designed to reflect more of the sun's heat on hot days, which can mean less dependence on air-conditioning, plus reduced heat stress for your roof. Making COLORBOND® steel a good choice for your home, budget and the planet. 

All COLORBOND® steel contains recycled content and is 100% recyclable.


Windows and Glass Sliders

We are able to enhance your indoor outdoor living with the addition of G James Aluminium sliding doors and windows. Their sleek and contemporary design will suit every home. They are durable and completely low maintenance for long term use.  

We offer a 7 year manufacturer 'peace of mind' guarantee on all window and door building material. In addition, all windows and doors are supplied with fly screens and are available in a number of versatile powdercoat finishes. 

We can even assist with BAL rated areas, with metal screens and different glazing options.


  • Earthwool 55mm Roof Insulation
  • Heavy dutyfoil facing
  • Earthwool R-1.3 blanket
  • Suitable for timber or steel frame roofs
  • Non-combustible glasswool insulation
  • Low VOC

Ametalin Silverwrap is a 97% reflective, pilable building membrane. It is an excellent barrier to radiant heat, therefore enhancing the energy performance and thermal comfort of a building, while providing a physical barrier layer to protect against water and air infiltration.

Australian Made

We are proud to supply Australian made building materials and products for your new home. The direct advantages of buying Australian made are in the quality and finish. Here, we can control the manufacturing methods and material utilised to ensure the products are of the most premium finish. 

Buying Australian made also gives back to the community and ensures local businesses can continue and local people can be employed.

Mapleton Country Escape - Architectural Details

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