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Sustainable Building Process
Interested in sustainable building? We list our top sustainable building tips below - for those looking to build in Australia.[...]
Teenage Retreat – PODs
Most families will agree that sharing communal space with kids in their teens and early twenties can be a challenge,[...]
Sunshine Coast Garages
 Are you thinking of building a Sunshine Coast garage?  The Shed House supply a great range of sturdy steel framed[...]
Granny Flat Building Approval
Why do I need to obtain granny flat building approval prior to locking in a final contract price when building?[...]
Building an Energy Efficient Granny Flat on the Sunshine Coast
At The Shed House we are passionate about creating unique, energy efficient Granny Flats and homes. We believe that everyone[...]
Shed House on the Sunshine Coast – Why Insulate?
The weather on the Sunshine Coast is beautiful most of the year, but when the extremes do hit; being prepared[...]
Building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home
Have you considered building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home? Do you need additional space on your Sunshine Coast block, are[...]
Windows & Doors in your Sunshine Coast Shed Home
If you are building a new Sunshine Coast Shed Home, consider light and air flow to create a naturally bright[...]
Wheelchair Accessible Granny Flats, Sunshine Coast
Are you considering building a new wheelchair accessible granny flat or shed home on the Sunshine Coast?  Wheelchair accessible granny[...]
Class 1 Slab for Granny Flats, Sunshine Coast
Have you decided to build a granny flat, shed home on the Sunshine Coast, furthermore would you like to know[...]
Granny Flat Builders
So, you’ve decided to invest in a secondary dwelling, may have even found your ideal plans, so you’re now looking[...]
Family Benefits on Granny Flats Sunshine Coast
Most parents will agree that sharing communal space with kids in their teens and early twenties can be a challenge,[...]
7 Reasons to Add a Kit Home in Queensland
At The Shed House, we specialise in supplying and installing kit homes in Queensland. Whether you live in South East[...]
10 Things to Consider Before Building a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast
There is a lot to consider when choosing the best place to be building a Shed Home on your Sunshine[...]
Country Kit Homes
Discover country kit homes with The Shed House. Whether you live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, by the Noosa sea[...]
Sustainable Design Living with The Shed House
Sustainable design is the cornerstone for modern shed home living. At The Shed House, we promote use of efficient technology[...]
Beach House Granny Flats on the Sunshine Coast
Beach House Granny Flats Sunshine Coast by The Shed House Sunshine Coast. Take advantage of the natural wonders of our[...]
The Shed House Building Process Explained – Sunshine Coast
Whether you are thinking of building a Granny Flat or studio on the Sunshine Coast, The Shed House has a[...]
Why Build a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast
Looking to build your own home? Kit homes & owner builders are a growing and viable option for more and[...]