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Practical Ways of Building an Energy Efficient Home
There are many ways to ensure your home is energy efficient, and plenty of benefits - not only can it[...]
Sense of Community
There are many benefits to living on the Sunshine Coast and one of our absolute favourites would have to be[...]
Supporting Australian Made
In the current economic climate it is important to buy and support local products and services. The Shed House are[...]
Building Affordable Housing
The number of people within the average household is shrinking, while homes are becoming larger. Larger homes are a leading[...]
Benefits of Hinterland Living
It doesn’t take an expert to understand that living in the city is a different world to a hinterland lifestyle.[...]
Build Your Own Home as an Owner Builder in the Sunshine Coast
Becoming an Owner Builder in the Sunshine Coast region is a straight forward process. You are required to apply for[...]
Holiday Home Designs Sunshine Coast
The Shed House build holiday homes on the Sunshine Coast. Whether you are looking to build your holiday home for[...]
Livable Shed Designs Sunshine Coast
Livable Sheds have become very popular in the Sunshine Coast, as an alternative to traditional building.Our landscape and climate here[...]
Sustainable Building Sunshine Coast
The Shed House can help you achieve a sustainable building in the Sunshine Coast. We utilise clever design techniques that[...]
Building in the Sunshine Coast
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Should I Start Building a New Home During The Coronavirus Oubreak?
A question many of us have been asking, what about starting building during the coronavirus outbreak? Here are: 5 Reason’s[...]
Sustainable Building Process
Interested in sustainable building? We list our top sustainable building tips below - for those looking to build in Australia.[...]
Teenage Retreat – PODs
Most families will agree that sharing communal space with kids in their teens and early twenties can be a challenge,[...]
Sunshine Coast Garages
 Are you thinking of building a Sunshine Coast garage?  The Shed House supply a great range of sturdy steel framed[...]
Granny Flat Building Approval
Why do I need to obtain granny flat building approval prior to locking in a final contract price when building?[...]
Building an Energy Efficient Granny Flat on the Sunshine Coast
At The Shed House we are passionate about creating unique, energy efficient Granny Flats and homes. We believe that everyone[...]
Shed House on the Sunshine Coast – Why Insulate?
The weather on the Sunshine Coast is beautiful most of the year, but when the extremes do hit; being prepared[...]
Building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home
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Windows & Doors in your Sunshine Coast Shed Home
If you are building a new Sunshine Coast Shed Home, consider light and air flow to create a naturally bright[...]