Off Grid Living

Are you passionate about off grid living? The Shed House is passionate about helping people reduce their impact on the environment. There are multiple benefits of living off the grid such as reducing monthly costs, flexibility on where you live, harnessing clean energy from the sun and wind. Most importantly you are a positive roll model for others promoting off grid living.

Check out the information below which will help make your off grid dream a reality. 

Off Grid Living Sunshine Coast QLD
13. Off Grid Living Sunshine Coast QLD
Off Grid Living Sunshine Coast QLD
Listen to our clients talk about the benefits of living off the grid sunshine coast. Minimise your impact on the world by creating your very own off grid home.

We can bring your off grid dream to life!

Off Grid Living Explained
Off Grid Living Deconstructed

Solar Power and Lighting

Solar Power and Batteries

Solar Panels

We partner with our suppliers to offer solar power for all off grid homes. As a renewable energy source you are therefore given the ability to save money on your power bills and help contribute to the environment! 

Solar - Battery Packs

Our Solar Battery is equipped with proven technology at an affordable rate! The Sunny Island system comes with a ten year warranty for ease of mind. 

Read more about the product benefits and features here. 

Solar Battery
Solar Inverter

Solar - Inverters

We offer a new generation Solar Inverter with intuitive commissioning and local monitoring via smartphone or tablet! 

All communication and monitoring can be fully facilitated through this new style monitor. 

Read more about this unique product here. 

We also offer micro inverters. 


We offer Generators as a package to suit your needs. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us today! 

LED Downlight

LED Lighting

As standard, we will supply LED lights for your new home. LEDs are extremely energy efficient and can consume 90% less power than incandescent light bulbs.

Our standard specification calls for an 8W recessed downlight with tricolour lighting available to suit your requirements - warm white, cool white and daylight.

Energy Monitor

Energy Montors are designed to help you identify where you use energy, therefore enabling further reduction and savings on your bill! 

We can supply monitors with in-app usage, meaning you can view the information straight from your smart phone!

Energy Monitor
Enviro Electrical Services

Enviro Electrical Services

Enviro Electrical Services is a locally owned & operated Sunshine Coast business with a strong reputation as a quality electrical, solar power, battery storage & air-conditioning company. Liam is Licenced & Accredited to carry out Electrical Contracting work, the installation of On/Off Grid Solar Power, systems Battery Storage (On/Off Grid) & split air-conditioning systems.

Enviro Electrical are also members of the Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast. Cleantech are a eco business hub promoting local clean technology and sustainability businesses. An independent, not-for-profit organisation providing the latest cleantech news, information and professional development opportunities for cleantech business owners and supporters. Enviro Electrical Services is committed to providing excellent service to their current & future clients.

Contact Enviro Electrical Services today!

Eco Toilets

Ecoflo's waterless, composting toilets can be installed to large, small or tiny homes. Their products can be suited to full time use, or just part time use. They have designed their systems around the Australian climate.  These systems are suited to applications where water is limited or where you are wanting to create a more sustainable living environment. 

Their product range includes: Waterless Composting Toilets, Grey Water Systems, Sun-Mar Toilets, Nature Loo, and Composting Toilets. 

Read more about their product range here.


Grey Water

Grey Water

We offer a number of systems as a package with our waterless toilets. 

Australian households use a total of 240.000 litres of water a year as a result of including a flushing toilet in their home. According to the Victorian Plumbing Industry Commission a 5,000L rainwater tank on a 100m² roof area would yield 60,000L per year. 

In summary, not only can installing a waterless toilet reduce your water usage but reusing grey water is a vital step in creating an off the grid home!

Approvals - each local council has different rules and regulations, please contact your local council for more information relating to Eco Toilets and Grey Water Systems. Or check out the resources offered on the Ecoflow website.

Water Tanks and Pumps

We can supply a variety of sizes - here are the three top options: 

1. T3300 15,000 litre, this tank is an excellent addition to larger town blocks, hobby farms and larger rural properties.
T2. he TXD5000 22,500 litre water tank has a domed and pole-less roof. This tank was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers who wanted a tank without a pole and is now available in the New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. This large rainwater tank is ideally suited to rural properties and large city blocks that require plenty of water.
3. The T6500 30,000 litre is a popular water tank for rural properties or hobby farmers on small acreage blocks. This tank can also be used extensively for reticulated stock watering.
All tanks are available in a fantastic variety of COLORBOND® colours.

Water Pump - Electronic Pressure System 

We offer a variety of water pumps, with a great list of features including:

  • Fully electronic pump controls for automatic pump starting, stopping and resart after power loss or water loss.
  • Dry run protection to prevent pump damage.
  • Corrosion resistant pump components to ensure durability.
  • Garden and Rainwater use.
  • Single and Multi storey homes.

Solar Water Pump

Each Solar Pump is selected based on the plan and usage requirements. We can supply you with a solar pump for all of your property requirements. 

Discuss your needs with us today to get started. 

For additional water tank sizes and information check out Bushman Tanks

Gas Cooking and Hot Water

Gas Cooktop 60cm

The 60cm 4 Burner Gas Cooktop is stylish and designed for easy everyday use. A combination of European stainless steel design, electronic ignition, and quality finishes therefore make this cooktop the perfect, functional addition to any modern kitchen.

  • Stainless steel 4 burner cooktop
  • Electronic ignition
  • LPG or Natural Gas connection

Gas Hot Water

We supply instant systems (continuous-flow) heat water instantly and as it’s required. Thanks to their instantaneous nature, they’re generally cheaper to run and more efficient in contrast to storage units, which can lose heat over time.

Our hot water units are selected based on the number of people in your household to ensure you are always provided with enough hot water at all times. We also provide systems with great warranties for the lifetime of the product for ease of mind. 

Wind Turbines

1kw and 2kw Horizontal Wind Turbines

We can equip your property with a 1kw or 2kw wind turbine. Wind turbines won't pollute the air as they don't rely on fossil fuels, they also don't produce atmospheric emissions. Wind turbines are a wonderful, clean source of energy!

  • Carbon steel body – compact, strong and safe, with reinforced fiberglass blades
  • Quality controller with digital screen output.  
  • 3-years warranty – free repair or replacement.

Talk to The Shed House team about designing your off grid living solution today!