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Building a Moreton Bay Granny Flat has never been so popular. Adding an extra dwelling to accommodate parents, adult children or a paying tenant has grown in popularity. The Moreton Bay region has experienced a steady rise in the number and value of residential building approvals since 2011/12 (Australian Bureau of Statistics Building Approvals Cat 8331.0) with the trend unlikely to slow in the coming years.

Owing to its unique location being between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, both experiencing strong growth. Owners and investors have sought means such as granny flats in the Moreton Bay region to further capitalise and enhance their own earning potential.

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The first step is to understand what you can actually do legally on your block or your prospective granny flat in Moreton Bay. Read more about our Build Process here, otherwise contact us to discuss any questions you may have about building in Moreton Bay. 

The Shed House are experts when it comes to Moreton Bay Council's building rules and regulations. When building a Granny Flat in the Moreton Bay region, there is a 45m² total GFA for blocks with primary frontage of less than 15m or 55m² GFA elsewhere allowable. However, if your block has been zoned as Rural Residential, you are allowed 100m² GFA - check that particular clause here. There are rules regarding the maximum distance the Granny Flat may be positioned form the existing dwelling. The furthermost point must be within 10m, If you  are zoned as Rural Residential, 50m is the maximum distance permittable and the Granny Flat needs to be accessed via one common driveway. The Granny Flat also can't be located in front of the primary dwelling.  In addition, you are required to provide one on-site car park, plus (and co-located with) the number already required for the existing dwelling. We encourage you to take a read through the current planning scheme here

Please note that all information above was correct and true at time of publishing. The regulations are subject to change from time to time. If in doubt, contact a sales representative for further information. We can verify all restrictions that may apply to your block at the start of your project.

Browse some of our most popular Moreton Bay Granny Flat designs below, or contact us on 1800 270 750 for more layout options. You can also view more of our plans here. Did you know that we can help you with custom design options, including simple internal configuration changes to cladding changes to complete layout changes.

The Beech




THE BEECH Floor Plan - Moreton Bay Granny Flats
THE BEECH Axonometric - Moreton Bay Granny Flats
THE BEECH 3D - Moreton Bay Granny Flats

The Blackwood




THE BLACKWOOD Floor Plan - Moreton Bay Granny Flats
THE BLACKWOOD Axonometric - Moreton Bay Granny Flats
THE BLACKWOOD 3D - Moreton Bay Granny Flats

The Bluegum




THE BLUEGUM Floor Plan - Moreton Bay Granny Flats
THE BLUEGUM 3D - Moreton Bay Granny Flats
THE BLUEGUM 3D -Moreton Bay Granny Flats

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