Building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home

Have you considered building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home? Do you need additional space on your Sunshine Coast block, are you restricted on land, or do you just want to downsize? We have the solution for you.

What is a tiny home?  

A tiny home is a home which is less than 37sqm. A small home is less than 93sqm.  

A Sunshine Coast Tiny Home would be an ideal addition to your block if you need 

  • Space for visitors to stay  
  • Kids/teenagers retreat  
  • Home office space outside the main house  
  • Space for a home art studio  

Choosing the design of your Sunshine Coast Tiny Home would be impacted by the above but also the below features: 

  • The space you have on your block to build  
  • The exact purpose for the home  
  • The need to be flexible / adaptable - use may change in the future (ie from kids play room to teenagers retreat)? 
  • Is it going to be fullself contained or just partly? 
  • Does it need a covered outdoor area? 

To get you started on design ideas The Shed House has a range of Tiny Home ‘Studio’ Plans already drawn up and ready to go. 

Contact The Shed House Team to get a free quote on your new Tiny Home