Windows & Doors in your Sunshine Coast Shed Home

If you are building a new Sunshine Coast Shed Home, consider light and air flow to create a naturally bright and cool home. The Sunshine Coast has beautiful weather all year round, why not take advantage of this!

Choosing the correct windows and doors for each zone of your Sunshine Coast Shed Home will make all the difference. Windows and doors not only allow for natural light and ventilation but can add to the overall visual appeal of the home.

Where to begin with window and door choices?

Frame Type

Aluminium or Timber Frames are the most common frame types. In your Shed Home, aluminium frames will be the best suited. Fitting in well with the Shed Home's steel frame system and are also the most cost effective

Frame Colour Coordination

Aluminium framed windows and doors come in a variety of colours which will allow you to coordinate their colour with the rest of the cladding & features of your Sunshine Coast Shed Home.

Window Style & Size

The window and door opening style & size is important, as it will impact the success of letting in natural light, ventilation and can impact the visual appeal

The styles and sizes of windows and doors on the market  vary greatly. To see what is available for your Shed Home built by the The Shed House head to  G James website  for more details.

What to consider when choosing the window and door style and size:

  • What is the overall style of your Sunshine Coast Shed Home (simple design calls from simple window design)
  • Orientation of each window or door in relation to the sun
  • What area of the home is the window or door?
  • Purpose of the window or door (solely for ventilation, access or letting in light. Does it serve multiple purposes)
  • What other features will be in the room/area (kitchen bench height will impact the window positioning and sill height, cupboards may impact the opening direction)
  • Energy Efficiency & Acoustic report requirements can impact the actual size & types of the windows allowed in different parts of your Sunshine Coast Shed Home
  • Insect or Security Screens in your Shed Home would be an inclusion not to miss to keep all the unwanted pests out. Easier to install at construction, don’t forget these in home inclusions.

For more ideas check out our inspirations page