Shed House on the Sunshine Coast – Why Insulate?

The weather on the Sunshine Coast is beautiful most of the year, but when the extremes do hit; being prepared with an Insulated shed house will have many benefits.

Benefits of Insulating your Shed House on the Sunshine Coast are: 
  • Energy Efficiency & Savings (heating and cooling) 
  • Overall Comfort of the house 
  • Some noise control (level is dependent of the type of insulation)
Where should Insulation be Installed:
  • Roof Area 
  • External Walls 
  • Under a Subfloor (optional)

Where and what type of insulation is required in your Shed House on the Sunshine Coast is generally outlined by your Energy Efficiency Report required as part of your approval process.

The Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ) Handbook provides excellent information on all things insulation. 

On your energy efficiency report an R Value will be stated for the wall areas and roof area. R Value of insulation is used to class different insulations based on their thermal resistance. The higher the value the better it insulates. Note for the same insulation they will have a summer & winter value. 

How to choose a type of Insulation
  • Must comply with the Australian Standard
  • Meet the required R Value from your energy effeciency report
Types of Insulation (ICANZ Handbook - shows in detail all the different categories) 
  • Blanket Insulation 
  • Batt Insulation (best sound absorbing properties) 
  • Bubble/Foam Foils 

If choosing to use blanket or batt insulation types in your steel framed and cladded Shed House on the Sunshine Coast you will also need to have a vapour barrier installed 

Type of lighting you are choosing to install in your shed house can impact on the installation process of your roof/ceiling insulation. The heat from downlight can impact on wool/blanket insulation. For more detail on this check out the Insulation Installation (Australian Government Your Home).

Choose to build your new Shed House with the team from the The Shed House and they will help out with your new home insulation requirements. You can read all about our build inclusions here.