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Dawn's Place - Combind Living Area

Flooring Types for Granny Flats

So you are currently considering building your very own granny flat, what are the flooring types available to you? Once you have finalised your granny flat plans, any site specific reports, and the contract has been drafted, you can begin to select the finishes. We see this stage as the most exciting part. This is when […]

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Types of Granny Flat Cladding

Often, we are asked about which will be the best granny flat cladding option. In fact, this will probably be one of the biggest decisions you make through the project. In short, the best type of cladding will boil down to a number of factors. Energy rating, aesthetic, maintenance and durability. Let’s review the different […]

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POD Homes

Off Grid Shed House: Where To Start

Thinking greener, smarter, and energy efficient, helps the environment, but it also has instant benefits for the homeowner. Why not consider building a more sustainable, Off Grid Shed House as your next project? Whether you’re obsessed with living off the grid, or just looking at ways to cut down on your power bills, going off-grid […]

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Building A New Home On The Sunshine Coast?

If you watch the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking the building industry has come to a grinding halt in the wake of recent supply issues. Don’t get me wrong, there are some challenges, and some builders are running into grave troubles with poorly ageing, fixed price quotes, but that isn’t a reason to be discouraged.

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How to Choose Green Building Materials

All over the world people are adopting more sustainable practices. In construction, the materials you choose can truly make an impact on the environment. We take a look into how you can choose green building materials for your next construction project.Why Choose Green Materials?There was a time when building a home was about the number […]

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