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Shed House on the Sunshine Coast – Why Insulate?

The weather on the Sunshine Coast is beautiful most of the year, but when the extremes do hit; being prepared with an Insulated shed house will have many benefits.Benefits of Insulating your Shed House on the Sunshine Coast are: Energy Efficiency & Savings (heating and cooling) Overall Comfort of the house Some noise control (level is dependent of […]

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Building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home

Have you considered building a Sunshine Coast Tiny Home? Do you need additional space on your Sunshine Coast block, are you restricted on land, or do you just want to downsize? We have the solution for you.What is a tiny home?  ​A tiny home is a home which is less than 37sqm. A small home is […]

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Wheelchair Accessible Granny Flats, Sunshine Coast

Are you considering building a new wheelchair accessible granny flat or shed home on the Sunshine Coast?  Wheelchair accessible granny flats provide greater mobility and cater to access requirementsWho is the new wheelchair accessible granny flat or shed home suitable for?ageing parentschildren who need your support but would like some independenceyourself as you move into […]

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Granny Flat Builders

So, you’ve decided to invest in a secondary dwelling, may have even found your ideal plans, so you’re now looking for Granny Flat builders – look no further. The Shed House not only supply kit homes, we are also licences granny flat builders!What areas do The Shed House service?The Shed House are based on the […]

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Country Kit Homes

Discover country kit homes with The Shed House. Whether you live in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, by the Noosa sea or in the Brisbane city heart, we have the perfect country style home for you. The Shed House offer a wide range of stylish, spacious and quality steel country kit homes at competitive prices to […]

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