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The Independence of Living Off-Grid

The power of being your own utility provider. Vaughn and Louise talk about the sense of control and independence gained from off-grid living.Planning For IndependenceVaughn and Louise are their own utility providers. This gives them a sense of control, security and independence particularly during storms when they continue to have power while ‘the grid’ is […]

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The Living Off-Grid Ethos

What it means to lessen your impact of greenhouse emissions through sustainability and the ethos of living off-grid. Vaughn and Louise talk about their experience designing, building, and living off-grid.A Leap of FaithIt took a leap of faith to design, and have constructed the project that Vaughn and Louise envisioned. They were moving into new […]

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Living off grid what does the data say

Living Off-Grid: What Does The Data Say?

Vaughn and Louise talk about their experience living off-grid. Check out their usage data from 2018 to 2020: the savings and the lifestyle.DataWhat would off-grid living be without some facts and figures about reduced consumption and environmental impact? Vaughn and Louise embraced off-grid living on the Sunshine Coast in 2017. The total floor area of […]

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The Aesthetic, Resourcefulness & Health of Living Off-Grid

What your Shed House aesthetic says about you. Vaughn and Louise talk about their experience designing, building, and the resourcefulness and health of living off-grid.The Shed House AestheticWhat does an off-grid Shed House look like? What does an Australian shed look like? Vaughn and Louise were inspired by Glenn Murcutt’s design aesthetic, as many architects […]

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