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How to Choose Green Building Materials

All over the world people are adopting more sustainable practices. In construction, the materials you choose can truly make an impact on the environment. We take a look into how you can choose green building materials for your next construction project.Why Choose Green Materials?There was a time when building a home was about the number […]

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Sustainable Living

Thinking greener, smarter, and energy efficient, and helps the environment, but also has instant benefits for the homeowner. We look at sustainable living on the Sunshine Coast.What Is Sustainable Living?Sustainability means replacing the resources that you use. This kind of lifestyle attempts to reduce use of the Earth’s natural resources and carbon footprint. There are […]

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Tiny Home Alternative

Tiny home alternatives are quite popular, but what is it about them that people enjoy? We discuss tiny home alternatives on the Sunshine Coast.What Is A Tiny Home?There is an increasing trend to downsize, often to live a more free and simplified life. These ideals have helped shape the movement and popularity of tiny home […]

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Retirement Housing Options

It is good to know you have options when you are ready to retire. We look at retirement housing options on the Sunshine Coast. Which one would be right for you?Stay In Your Current HomeWhen considering retirement housing on the Sunshine Coast, the most desirable may be staying in your current home. With the many […]

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Dual Occupancy with your Parents

Would you consider sharing a property with your parents to reduce your mortgage and living expenses? We look at dual occupancy and living with your parents.What Does It Look Like?Dual occupancy may sound like an invasion of privacy, but it is far from it. Put simply, it is one block of land that consists of […]

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Benefits of Downsizing to a Granny Flat

Whether purchasing or building a granny flat, they have a lot to offer. We consider three benefits of downsizing to a granny flat on the Sunshine Coast.Save CostsThe first benefit of considering a granny flat on the Sunshine Coast is the cost. Downsizing to a granny flat is the more affordable option for many. A […]

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Creating A Healthy Home

There are many steps you can take to ensure your home is healthy. From planning to design, through to use and maintenance, we discuss how to create healthy homes on the Sunshine Coast.What Is A Healthy Home?A healthy home is one that keeps health as a priority when moving through the stages of building to […]

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Accessible Homes Sunshine Coast

There are many benefits of designing your home to be both livable and adaptable. But, what do accessible homes on the Sunshine Coast look like and just what are the benefits? We share how accessibility is more than making a home wheelchair accessible.What Is Accessibility?The term accessibility has often been associated with the elderly or […]

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Building for Off-Grid Living

From solar panels to grey water, building for off-grid living is easy with The Shed House. The Shed House are builders on the Sunshine Coast, a family-owned business.Are you building for off-grid living, but not sure where to start? This list of products, materials, and service providers can help you understand the immediate decisions you […]

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The Living Off-Grid Cost

What it means to be in control of your utilities, environment, and the materials you use. We delve into the true off-grid cost. Vaughn and Louise talk about their experience designing, building, and living off-grid.Making Size CountWithout a doubt, to live in today’s society with less financial outgoings is a major benefit with the continual […]

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