Monthly Archives: February 2022

Noosa Council Rules for Movable Offices

You may be considering building your own Noosa home office – what are the Noosa Council rules for movable offices? Do you need approval for a movable office? Most importantly, what is the importance pertaining to approvals and your timeframe requirements? As we delve deeper into 2022, one thing has become clear. More and more […]

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Sunshine Coast Home Studio

So you consider yourself to be a hobby enthusiast – how can a Sunshine Coast home studio improve your creative outlet? Whatever your hobby may involve, we can help to make your downtime more enjoyable. There may be many reasons for building a Sunshine Coast home studio – whether you want additional space outside of […]

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Noosa Backyard Offices

Are you considering building a Noosa backyard office? Creating extra space for your business is what we specialise in, here at The Shed House. We offer a great range of modular PODs that can be customised to suit your exact home office requirements. The possibilities are endless, so whether you have specific requirements, are limited […]

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Home Offices Sunshine Coast

As we work our way into 2022, it is clear that individually, we all will be experiencing many changes – that including moving to a Sunshine Coast home office set up. We have a great lifestyle here in the Sunshine Coast region. Close to the beaches, rainforest hinterland and many other unique destinations. If the […]

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