Achieving Energy Efficiency – Case Study – Sunshine Coast Granny Flat Part 1

Let’s discuss what we do to achieve energy efficiency in our builds by taking a good look into our Sunshine Coast granny flat display build. Building energy efficient granny flats and homes is something we are frequently asked about here on the Sunshine Coast. It goes without saying that a good percentage of Sunshine Coast residents are passionate about off-grid living, about helping to reduce their footprint on this planet. An energy efficient granny flat or home reduces wasted energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and the demand for non-renewable energy sources. It may also offer cleaner, healthier living conditions. So how do we achieve energy efficiency compliance? Explore the process employed by us.

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The Granny Flat Design Brief

Our very own granny flat display was designed from the off grid living principles. We set goals from the outset that would both meet and tick the requirements of our clients, which we have learnt through our many years in business. This display was intended to provide inspiration and demonstrate how we can achieve energy efficiency in our builds. Passive design principles help us to not only achieve a good energy efficiency rating, but also exceed the requirements.
From the outset, the build was meant to be environmentally sound. To achieve this, only local suppliers were chosen, recycled or renewable materials used and where possible low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials installed.

The overall design is meant to appeal to our biggest market of clients – those choosing a smaller footprint home or granny flat. Smaller homes come with many advantages – be that cost, environmental or lifestyle. Our ultimate goal in the granny flat design brief was to instil a sense of space and calm when walking through the building. The internal GFA (gross floor area) is 90m² which is enough for a couple, small family or elderly person to reside in happily. The 90m² GFA also meets the Sunshine Coast Council requirements for building a secondary dwelling.

This concept, above achieving energy efficiency, was also designed to create a sense of luxury, with minimalistic features and good quality materials. The benefits of choosing good quality materials are endless; reducing the manufacturing cycle as good quality materials last longer or are more durable, reducing transport and logistics as most quality finishes are Australian made & last but not least instilling a sense of confidence in our capabilities and service offering.

Ilkley Rainforest Retreat - Enjoy the Hinterland

The Granny Flat Project Details

Location: Ilkley, Sunshine Coast.

Building Size & Type: 90m² internal & 46m² deck. Approved class 1a (liveable dwelling) granny flat.

NCC Climate Zone: 2 – warm humid summer, mild winter.

Build Cost: $POA (Please note, prices are subject to change based on industry requirements & site specific costs. For a better cost indication/breakdown, please contact our team).

Granny Flat Bedroom

If you would like to learn more about how our design and build team can not only achieve, but exceed energy efficiency compliance for you, reach out and make an enquiry today. This article is part 1 in a 4 part series. Stay tuned for the continuation of this Sunshine Coast granny flat case study. Next, we will explore the design features, site orientation and the local Sunshine Coast climate.

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