What To Consider When Purchasing Sunshine Coast Land – A Building Perspective


If you have begun the process of searching for or research in purchasing Sunshine Coast land, we want to help by putting you on the right track from a building perspective. Often we are approached by people who would like advice prior to purchasing their unique Sunshine Coast block of land – usually about whether or not it will be possible for them to build. In all reality, there should be a number of items for you to consider prior to making the commitment. It will be important for you to investigate all facets related to your lifestyle and what you are wanting to build. Let’s explore our top points to think about when purchasing Sunshine Coast land.

Purchasing Sunshine Coast land? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

Consider What You Need From The Build

There will be a number of factors that may influence your planned new home build. The most immediate and obvious one being your family; how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. You will first need to have a good idea on your overall budget and allocation. Including the proposed Sunshine Coast land cost, build cost and additional fees/services (which we will cover in more detail below). Your overall budget will play the biggest role in what will be and what won’t be possible to build.

Consider Access To Services

Electricity, internet, sewer and gas services may all be required for your new build. However, if access isn’t available to these services, it will pay to calculate the rough costings that will be associated with obtaining a connection or building on-site facilities.

If you are looking to purchase a rural property, it is important to note that you may need to account for site electrical connections (if none are existing), off grid costs (if this is your preferred build type, think solar, batteries, etc) and waste water systems.

Consider The Terrain

It is true that the slope of the land will have an impact on the overall build cost. While is certainly possible to build on most sloping locations, it would be advisable to receive advice on the additional costs you may be up for.

Consider Council Requirements and/or Restrictions

All parcels of land in the Sunshine Coast region are subject to setback rules, which are important to know. The setback rules are based on the zoning of the land; rural, rural residential or residential. If you aren’t sure of what these would be, we are more than happy to run through this at time of your enquiry.

In addition, if there is any pre-build infrastructure (sheds, homes, septic systems) it will pay to ask about the age and approval status of each. As in the Sunshine Coast region, there are rules pertaining to building a secondary dwelling.

Consider the Council Overlays

Overlays may relate to bushfire zones, flood zones, wildlife corridor zones, and many more. You can do a free search to discover all of the overlays that may apply to the Sunshine Coast block of land you are considering purchasing. You can view the search tool here.

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Consider The Community

Choosing the right neighbourhood or community can have a large impact on you and your families happiness in the long run. Would you prefer to live off grid, or near to transport, shopping areas, medical centres or community facilities? We find that life stage will play a big role in determining your requirements. For example; being closer to all of the facilities such as transport may be better suited to younger families.

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When researching or investigating purchasing a Sunshine Coast block of land, it will be important to work with a local builder. As Sunshine Coast locals, we know the terrain well and have experience building to suit the local council requirements. Start a conversation today with your local Sunshine Coast builder, The Shed House team.

Contact us for more building advice about purchasing Sunshine Coast land. Trust your local builder.