An Open Plan Kitchen In Your Granny Flat – Pros & Cons

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You’ve probably heard the saying ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’, the same can be applied to the kitchen in your granny flat. If you have laid the foundation work and are wanting to build your own Sunshine Coast granny flat, you may be considering what type of kitchen will suit your needs best. One of the most popular types we get to install will be an open plan kitchen. So what are the upsides and downsides of installing an open plan kitchen in your granny flat? Let’s explore the pros and cons together.

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What is an open plan kitchen?

As the name suggests, an open plan kitchen will be open and not enclosed by any walls or doors. More commonly, the open plan kitchen will be positioned in close proximity to the dining area or living area. Making the flow through these spaces much more open and seamless. Think of an open plan designed granny flat as having ‘zones’ rather than rooms. The kitchen zone flows into the dining zone, and through to the living area zone, for example. Utilising clever interior design techniques, the zones are clearly identified and separated allowing all of the spaces to blend nicely. An open plan kitchen gives way to an open plan granny flat – essentially making the whole space feel much larger (as opposed to small, closed off rooms).

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What are the pros of an open plan kitchen in your granny flat?

  • Social interaction – having an open plan kitchen allows for conversation to flow much easier. Let’s say you are entertaining a few guests for dinner, you are able to hold a conversation whilst preparing the meal, enabling your guests to relax and unwind in the lounge area. An open plan kitchen does away with formal and rigid layouts, like formal dining rooms or formal lounge/informal tv rooms. Making the most of the space you are working with.
  • Giving the illusion of additional space – A well designed open plan kitchen in your granny flat will enable greater light and airflow. Given that a traditional granny flat will be smaller in size (when compared to a traditional home) there is much to be said for designing the kitchen in an open plan.
  • Family meal times become much easier – An open plan kitchen will enable you to supervise your children or elderly parents much easier whilst you get on with the cooking. Or vice versa, while they cook a meal for you!
  • Informal and relaxed – With an open plan kitchen in your granny flat, you can invest in furniture such as bar stools for your guests to utilise while you prep the meal. Get them involved in the process to make them feel more welcome. The informal approach to creating a meal will make everyone feel relaxed!
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What are the cons of an open plan kitchen in your granny flat?

  • Privacy may be reduced – If you are the type that prefers to work quietly and alone in the kitchen (and you often have guests over, or live with other family members) an open plan kitchen in your granny flat may not work for you.
  • Noise can carry – Once again, if you do live with other family members, the noise factor may become an issue for you. Particularly, those sensitive to noise. Whether washing the dishes, chopping vegetables or using an appliance to prepare the meal, you will hear this. Given that there are no walls to divide the ‘zones’, noise can become amplified, unfortunately.
  • Smells from the kitchen – if you enjoy the smell of a cooking roast on a Sunday, or freshly brewed coffee of a morning, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. However if you are sensitive to smell, there won’t be any escaping this in an open plan kitchen in your granny flat.
  • Selection and furniture choices are always visible – Depending on how you design the interior of your granny flat, whether that be the kitchen zone opens onto the living, dining, or perhaps outdoor space, the finishes and furniture choices will be visible in each zone. The thought of this may be something that seems exciting, bit it is important to note that design trends will change over time. That’s why we usually recommend making neutral selection choices, adding personality through the easy to sub items like furniture and décor.
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