Sunshine Coast Outdoor Living Spaces are a Great Addition to your Granny Flat


Summer on the Sunshine Coast means spending more time outside. So, what is the key to creating the perfect Sunshine Coast outdoor living space? As we move into the warmer months, we are reminded of how lucky we are to live in the Sunshine state! Everyone knows that the secret to a great family gathering, party or meal time is actually the space you are in. Designing and building a beautiful outdoor living space is a sure fire way to make life more enjoyable. Read all about our top tips for designing the perfect Sunshine Coast outdoor living space addition to your new granny flat.

Wanting to build the perfect Sunshine Coast outdoor living space? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

An investment in building means you should both need and want to maximise all of the potential value. If you either love the outdoors or consider yourself an entertainer, then you should definitely include a deck or patio addition to your new granny flat, to enjoy all that nature has to offer.

When working through the design of your Sunshine Coast outdoor living space, consider the below points;

  1. How often will the space be used?
  2. What will the space mainly be used for? (relaxing or entertaining?)
  3. Will the space be used all year round or just through the Summer months?
  4. Where will the space be located in relation to the morning and afternoon sun?
  5. Will you need the space to be covered by a roof?

After the initial research, you should have a better idea about which style of outdoor space will best suit your needs. Let’s explore our recommended outdoor living space build styles.

Roof Types

Flyover Roof

A flyover roof can either be built at the same time as your granny flat, or it can be added after the fact. Typically, a flyover roof will be made from insulated sandwich panels, but can also be framed in timber or steel and covered in a material to match your roof. A flyover roof will typically attach via a series of brackets that extend up through the roof of the granny flat, or will attach via brackets to the gutter of the granny flat. Flyover roofs will usually be in a skillion style, and can either lean towards or away from the existing granny flat roof.

Split Skillion Granny Flat
Awning Roof

An awning roof is designed to bring the outdoors into the indoors. It will be attached to the granny flat on one side, or on multiple sides. An awning roof will protect the external windows and doors from the sun or extreme weather. The roof will work much like a skillion roof, sloping away from the main roof. If your new granny flat has a skillion roof, the awning may even simply be an extension of the same roof over the outdoor living space.

Gable Roof

A gable roof will either be a continuation of the granny flat roof, or be a replication moving in a different direction. It might pay to be aware that if you prefer the gable roof awning to run in a separate direction to the granny flat roof, the design can become costly (and in the case of a hip roof, not possible for us to engineer).

Fur Kids Retreat B&B Sunshine Coast Hamptons Retreat

Foundation Types

Patio (Concrete to ground)

Simple and functional, the slab will serve as an addition to your new granny flat slab. There are many options you can choose to finish off the flooring – whether you choose to leave the concrete as is, polish the slab, tile or any other creative finish.

Deck (on posts)

Timber decking can only be installed when sitting up off the ground. Directly exposed to the earth, decking timber won’t last very long and will eventually rot. If you are building on top of a suspended floor system, a deck Sunshine Coast outdoor living space will be the perfect addition to your new granny flat. It is usually recommended that a deck will be covered with a roof to ensure the longest possible lifespan of the timber.

Dawn's Place - Split Level Home
Separate Gazebo

A freestanding gazeebo can be the perfect way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your garden area. There are a wealth of ideas that can be built in a variety of shapes, sizes and ways. If opting for a separate gazebo, this design may be best tackled after we have finalised construction of the new granny flat, by an independent installer.


If you love the idea of creating your own Sunshine Coast outdoor living area addition to your new granny flat, get in touch with our building team today. We are here to run through all of the possible options and help you choose the perfect outdoor living space to compliment your granny flat build and your usage requirements. Get the most out of your build!

Contact us for more information regarding a Sunshine Coast outdoor living space addition for your Granny Flat. Trust your local Sunshine Coast builder.