Benefits of Building a Steel Framed Granny Flat Sunshine Coast


You’re here because you would like to learn more about the benefits of building a steel framed granny flat in the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps you are still comparing steel frame against a more traditional timber framed granny flat. Here at The Shed House we choose to build exclusively with Australian made steel framing because we know all about the benefits. Steel is built stronger, straighter and it is built to last – but don’t just take our word for it. Discover some of the fact based evidence as to why a steel framed granny flat in the Sunshine Coast will stand the test of time.

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The Progression of Steel Framing In Residential Applications

In more recent years (which you have probably noticed) steel framed granny flats in the Sunshine Coast have experienced a surge in popularity due to the many benefits it offers to both builders and homeowners alike. Most people believe that steel framing is more of a modern convention – however this isn’t true given that it has been used for more than 50 years in the construction world. Steel has been used as a construction material all over the world since before the 20th century, in early days more so in commercial applications such as train stations.

With use over time, we have learnt about how to improve the product, resulting in a major boom in its residential usage.


What are the main benefits in using steel framing over timber in your new Sunshine Coast granny flat?

Stronger & Straighter – As a natural product, timber has a high likelihood of warping and flexing over time. Steel will always provide a straighter finish as the strength to weight ratio beats any other building material. Unfortunately when the (timber) frame of your home does warp, this can result in cracked plaster, floor movement (especially in a suspended floor build style), issues with cavity sliding doors, windows and so on. Steel won’t warp, ripple, swell or move.

Termite Resistant – As this goes without saying, in a steel framed Sunshine Coast home. If you have ever encountered the issue of the “silent destroyer” you would know the heartache all too well when your timber framed granny flat faces structural issues due to termites. Especially here on the Sunshine Coast, due to a low level of built up or urban areas, termites are able to flourish in the region’s favourable weather conditions.

Fire Resistant – Unfortunately it is all too well known that timber framed granny flats are extremely vulnerable to fire and heat. This has become more of an issue in recent years given the numerous fires in the Sunshine Coast region that have threatened residential areas including Noosa & Coolum. Not only can a steel framed Sunshine Coast granny flat achieve a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 12.5, steel is also non-combustible and won’t add further fuel to the fire.

Sustainable – Here at The Shed House, we are committed to building more sustainable Sunshine Coast granny flats for the future, utilising Australian made materials where possible. To put that into perspective, it’s estimated that on average 22 pine trees are required to make a timber framed granny flat. The production of steel requires lower carbon emissions and can promote cleaner air. In addition, steel framing is 100% recyclable & renewable, creating less landfill waste.


We place emphasis on building a Sunshine Coast granny flat for you and your family that will last for many generations to come. There’s truly no better way to do this than with a steel framed granny flat. Make an enquiry with our team today to learn more about how we can design and build your own bespoke steel framed granny flat Sunshine Coast.

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