Build Your Own Home as an Owner Builder in the Sunshine Coast

Becoming an Owner Builder in the Sunshine Coast region is a straight forward process. You are required to apply for a permit through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Once passed, you are permitted to build.

When will I need an Owner Builder Licence?

You will require a licence for any work over $11,000 – carried out by yourself. Essentially, the permit will allow you to complete work on your own property and fulfill role as the head contractor or site supervisor.

Am I allowed to complete all the work on my building site?

There are restrictions on the work you can complete, even if you may have obtained an owner builders licence. Any licenced work such as electrical or plumbing will require specific trades people. You are however permitted to do all building work on your own property, alter or renovate, build a garage, carport, shed or pergola.

What are the steps to building a home? Where do I get started? 

Once you have obtained your licence, and relevant approvals for the Sunshine Coast, the building can begin.

The kit home will be delivered in flat pack form including the following; framing, roof sheeting, wall cladding, insulation, windows and doors and floor system (if applicable). You will need to build from the ground up.

  • Start with the slab or footings – dependent on your flooring system.
  • Next, kit erection including the framing, windows and doors, roofing, cladding and insulation.
  • At lock up stage, you will need to call in the licenced trades, such as electrician and plumber.
  • Internal fit out can begin, including plastering, flooring, cabinetry, etc.
  • Finally, all of your landscaping and missing elements.

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As a Sunshine Coast Owner Builder, you will be required to communicate with your certifier and trades people throughout the building process. Clear communication will ensure a great end result! It may be a good idea to keep a running timeline of your project to ensure you are on track.

We are here for you throughout the process and are always able to offer any advice you may need. Start with the trusted Sunshine Coast leading House Builders. We will assist in bringing your dreams to reality. Read more about the owner builder process here.

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