Current Build Timeframes – Building A Sunshine Coast Granny Flat

What are the current build timeframes of a Sunshine Coast granny flat, you may be wondering. The answer to that question is not as straight forward as you might think. The reason being that there are so many variables along the way, which affect different clients and building sites uniquely. In addition to the pre-construction stages, each stage of construction may require varying amounts of time based on the requirements of your build and land. Let’s explore our design and build process and establish whether your current schedule can allow for a new Sunshine Coast granny flat build.

What are the current build timeframes? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

The Shed House Build Process Overview & How This Affects Current Build Timeframes

Here at The Shed House, our approach to building is very different and therefore worth breaking down further to get a better picture on the current build timeframes. It is our goal to have every detail selected and signed off on prior to the building contract being signed. Through experience, we’ve learnt about the importance of clarity thought the build process. Therefore, if both parties are clear, there shouldn’t be any unwelcome surprises. Read about our full build process here.

To explain the process a bit further, let’s answer some of our most frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Current Build Timeframes

In an effort to answer your questions concerning the current build timeframes, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

  • How long is the wait to build a granny flat – will building a granny flat be quicker than a regular sized home?  Whether building a large 5 bed family home or a small 1 bed granny flat, the pre-construction process and associated timeframes will be about the same. While a larger home may take longer to construct, the timeframes for designing, quoting and approvals will remain the same.
  • When can I begin building? The build can only begin once the necessary pre-construction steps have been completed. This is referring to steps 1 – 7 in the link above.
  • Can you please quote on our plans, as we need to show our bank a costing break down. We have drawn plans up ourselves. Of course we can provide an initial estimate, but the process to provide a formal quote may not be as quick as you initially hoped for. In order to approve a loan, your bank will need to see a formal quote and approval. In order to reach this stage, you will need to work through the job process listed in the above link, in its entirety. Only then can you present a formal quote to your bank. You may however be able to qualify for pre-approval based on an initial estimate and plan set. It will be best to consult your lender to discuss what they need, prior to obtaining any quotes.
  • Do you do fixed price contracts? No, not from the initial enquiry. It is important to understand that your price will vary from the initial pricing brochure lists, to your final and formal quote. This will be based on your unique site requirements, material cost increases and unique selections throughout the build. You will receive multiple, updated price estimates through the preliminary process to ensure that there is a clear understanding of where the build will sit in relation to your budget at all times. The final and formal estimate will include formal trade quotes, selections and site specific items – hence why we need to complete the full process in order to provide an accurate cost.
  • Will the process speed up if building off-site? No, if you opt to build a smaller re-locatable cabin, the build times won’t change whether building on or off site.
  • How do you deal with price increases? With clear and upfront communication via each price estimation. We account for price increases, as we are sometimes aware of when to expect these from some of our suppliers. Plus, only taking on a small number of jobs at any one time, can ensure that we spread the eggs evenly in each basket. All big ticket items (including framing, windows & doors, etc) will be ordered as soon as your contract is signed, which eliminates a large percentage of risk. As you can see, we have implemented quite a number of steps that eliminate risk of facing any financial troubles. It is in our interest to complete your project and run a successful business for a plan in the long term future.
Step 3 - Preliminary Agreement 2

What are you waiting for? Make an enquiry with our friendly team and we will get back to you to discuss your unique project requirements and the current build timeframes. We look forward to assisting you with your next project!

Contact us to find out more information about the current build timeframes for a Sunshine Coast granny flat. Trust your local builder.