Why Build A Sunny Coast Granny Flat With The Shed House?

Step 2 - Preliminary Agreement 1

Making the decision to build a Sunny Coast granny flat may not be the easiest one in the current climate. Amongst news of large building corporations closing shop, price rises and material shortages, you would understandably have some reservations. We want to explain our points of difference and why this enables us to stay strong in a somewhat uncertain industry. Read on to learn more.

Why should you build a Sunny Coast granny flat? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

Communication is the Path to Success!

We know the power of effective communication. Especially when considering this in relation to the build process. Make no mistake, building a Sunny Coast granny flat is not a quick process – it won’t happen overnight. Building should be viewed as an investment, rather than a purchase. With clear and effective communication, the process does become much more transparent.

The biggest and most involved part of choosing to build a Sunny Coast granny flat will all happen prior to the build beginning. Including (but certainly not limited to) finalising building plans, site specific reports, selections, price estimates and the contract.

We are very much aware of changing prices and can ensure that our approach to building will not leave you in the dark. How do we get around industry price changes? By not providing a final, packaged price upfront, we alleviate any long term financial troubles. We work a bit differently to other builders where we provide price estimates throughout your design and planning stages. Ensuring that all site specific items are accounted for. 


What is The Shed House Build Process?

Our design, planning and build process is based on the fact that each job we do will be unique. There are no cookie cutter, one size fits all granny flat builds as far as we are concerned. Even if you do choose one of our standard pre-designed plans, we need to ensure that the build will work for your unique site.

  1. Obligation Free Consultation & Price Estimate - First, we will conduct a meeting with you either at your build location or in our display granny flat. We will discuss your unique requirements and create your very own site investigation report which will give us both a better understanding of your site specific project requirements. 
  2. Preliminary Agreement 1 – Next, if you are generally happy with our pricing estimates and the site investigation report, we will take a preliminary deposit and begin work with your building plans.
  3. First Price Estimate - It is at this next stage that we will provide you with an initial costing estimate. This estimate is based off your plans and the preliminary site investigation information. If you are happy with the estimate, we will proceed to finalise your building plans and begin your selections and reports.
  4. Reports & Selections – Selections will be set up in your unique client software portal. While you complete all of the required selections, we will send away for your project specific reports. Read more about site specific reports here.
  5. Second Price Estimate - Once the selections and reports are complete, the second price estimate will be sent to you. Once again, if this revision of pricing doesn’t sit right with you, we can go back over your selections and provide advice on how to get back on track.
  6. Preliminary Agreement 2 – The second deposit will be due at this stage, provided you are happy to proceed. In this step, we will send away for engineering and begin the building approval process.
  7. Formal Price Estimate & Contract Stage After building approval and engineering has been completed, we will finalise the pricing estimate and provide you with a draft contract ready for signing. It is once the contract has been signed and deposit paid, that we will order the large ticket materials including the framing. Once delivered to site, we will begin construction.

Our unique approach to building will ensure that only a small number of builds will be under contract and on our schedule at any time. Allowing an adequate amount of time on each project. The main benefit here? We don’t have a backlog of work, because all groundwork is completed prior to the build beginning. Saving any potential headaches or disagreements. We want to ensure that each client is very clear about the entire process.

Step 3 - Preliminary Agreement 2

So given all of the above, the decision to build a Sunny Coast granny flat need not be daunting. We pride ourselves on clear communication and want to assure you that each project we are working on is a priority for us. Want to know more? Make an enquiry with us to discuss our building points of difference.

Contact us to find out more information about building a Sunny Coast granny flat. Trust your local builder.