Is It More Expensive To Build A Custom Sunshine Coast Home?


Are you currently thinking of building a Sunshine Coast custom home? Building a home to suit your own lifestyle and family’s needs is a very common thing here on the Sunshine Coast. However, the total cost vs your budget may not always match up. When talking price, there are so many variables that will affect the overall build cost for a custom home. Whether the cost of building a custom home will be more expensive is not a straightforward answer unfortunately. There are a number of factors and variables that will play a role in the overall cost. Let’s explore those points in greater detail.

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What Do We Define as a Sunshine Coast Custom Home?

If you are not overly familiar with the term ‘custom home’, in essence we are talking about a building project where you have complete freedom to design the layout and all of the selections.

As opposed to a ‘standard design’ where the plan has been pre-designed and you will only be permitted to choose finishes and fixtures from a pre-set range. Often, higher turn over project builders will offer this sort of build. Usually these kinds of builds will offer “fixed prices” as they are already known to the builder. The downside, being that if you are on acreage, on a sloping block or are working on a generally difficult site, this option won’t work for you. That is because these kinds of variables will affect the design, engineering and therefore the cost. They can also be less efficient to build from a project builder’s perspective and therefore not always financially viable.

Choosing to work with a custom home builder means that your home can be designed based on your vision. A custom design will take longer to design and price, as you can imagine there are a lot of unknown variables.


Cost Influencing Factors for a Custom Sunshine Coast Home

There are a few factors that will influence the cost of your Sunshine Coast custom home. These will include (but are certainly by no means limited to):

1.The land (slope, type; acreage/rural or residential)

Every Sunshine Coast block of land will come with a clear set of advantages and disadvantages. Of which, may affect the build costings.

The slope of the land may just be the biggest and most immediate one to consider. Is the land sloping? What is the soil type (rock, clay, sandy, etc)? Often (not always) the steeper the slope, the more expense this will add. Which comes down to the structural integrity & building materials needed for a suspended floor build.

The zoning of the land can also have a large role in the total build cost. When considering access to the essential services – including power, water and septic/sewage. Rural building sites will require water tanks and an onsite waste water disposal system. If power has been connected, the distance from the powerline can play a role – or whether you choose to build entirely off grid (think solar & battery storage systems/generators).

2.The size of the home

It goes without saying, the larger the home, the more expensive the build will be. Having said that, the size and costs don’t directly correlate. If you opt to build a smaller Sunshine Coast home, choosing only opulent and high end finishes, this will certainly increase the overall build cost.

3.Complexity of the design (from an engineering perspective)

Complex designs can certainly add a unique touch to the home, but can also increase costs. Features you should consider during the design; how many walls & the shape (square rooms and spaces will always be easier), tall or raked ceilings, windows & doors.

4.Your selections

There is a lot to consider when working through the selections. Firstly; the size and quantity of materials that your home design size requires (such as energy efficient materials). Secondly; consider appliances and inclusions such as air conditioners, appliances, etc. Thirdly; the finishes and fixtures – basically everything else that you can see.

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