Necessary Inclusions for your Sunshine Coast Custom Home Build


When it comes to a Sunshine Coast custom home build, it is understandable if you have some confusion regarding what is and what isn’t necessary to include. Trends fluctuate, and furniture can easily be changed, but what do you want to remain in the longer term? Whilst nothing is really forever, this may feel the case sometimes if you choose certain design features or finishes. So what are the must have inclusions when considering the long term picture? It is usually recommended that you compile two separate lists of your wants and needs. That way you can better work out which inclusions make sense in your Sunshine Coast custom home build. We have compiled a list of the top or necessary inclusions that we will always recommend to include. Let’s explore that list.

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Insulation will help you to reduce your household bill expenses in the longer term. In fact, if you are opting to build a class 1 dwelling (home), insulation will be a requirement when it comes to achieving correct energy efficiency for the building approval. Of course, there will be minimum requirements, which can always be exceeded or built upon if you wish.

Upgrading from the standard (required) inclusions is the perfect way to ensure great regulation of the temperature inside your Sunshine Coast custom home build. Staying cooler in the Summer time and warmer in the Winter months. This will also further reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the need for mechanical cooling and heating!

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Acoustic Insulation

Does your custom Sunshine Coast home design include a bathroom next to the bedroom? Or perhaps kitchen next to a bedroom? Unfortunately not everyone will want to be surrounded by or disrupted by sound – especially in the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night. In certain scenarios, the inclusion of acoustic insulation will prove to be a very valuable inclusion. Acoustic insulation will add mass to the walls which helps to reduce noise from passing through easily. Thus preserving the mental health of all occupants! We certainly consider it to be a worthwhile investment for that reason alone.

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Increased Ceiling Height

As standard, ceiling height will sit at 2400mm high. However if you wish to add an additional level of luxury or increase your passive cooling capabilities, consider instead a raked ceiling. A raked ceiling will open the space further, which will be most noticeable on an open plan design. High and raked ceilings will invite additional light and promote greater air flow.


Air Conditioning

While we are very blessed here in the Sunshine Coast with a tropical climate, at times you may wish to escape the high levels of heat and humidity. The simple inclusion of a split system air conditioner will enable you to get a break on those intolerably hot days. If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption or build off-grid, this may simply mean running your air conditioner only during the day time to maximise the solar energy generation. Or, installing a battery that can store the electricity generated by your solar panels for use overnight or on cloudy, rainy, overcast days.


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