Looking to Build in the Sunshine Coast Region? What are the Differences Between a Shed & a Shed Home?

There are many differences between a shed and a shed home. A shed is typically a more simple structure, while a shed home is a more complex structure. A shed is usually built for storage or as a workshop, while a shed home is usually built as a dwelling. A shed is typically made of steel portal frames, while a shed home is usually made of steel or other materials much like a regular home. A shed is typically smaller than a shed home.

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What is a shed?

A shed is a simpler building designed primarily for storage. A shed is often made from, steel materials. The shed design typically includes a single or multiple sloped rooftops, open or closed walls, a floor and simple yet sturdy construction. Farms, businesses and households rely on sheds for storage, a workshop, or housing items like vehicles, tools, and machinery. They may also be used for leisure activities such as a hobby club or a home cinema or gym. Of course, a shed can also be used for storage of gardening tools, tools for lawn upkeep, and lawnmowers. Sheds can come in all sizes and shapes, including DIY models or pre-manufactured designs.

What is a shed home?

A shed home is an incredibly versatile and practical building, offering all the benefits of a shed with the added bonus of additional living space or a home office. You will commonly find shed homes in rural and urban areas alike. We like to think of this style as being well suited to the Australian climate and region.

A shed home can be used to host guests or family members and offers a great solution to those looking for extra space. It is also a great choice if you’re looking to complement your main home. A shed home might also be used as a granny flat, home office, play area for children, home gym, or anything else you can imagine. 

Our shed homes are made from Australian steel framing and colourbond sheeting. It can be as simple or extravagant as you like, ranging from a single bedroom at one end of the shed structure to a full-scale apartment setup complete with a kitchen and a living area.

Regardless of what you choose, the flexibility of shed homes makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking for extra space, without the expense and time that comes with building a full-size home in the Sunshine Coast region.


The differences between a shed and a shed home

When it comes to the main differences between a shed and shed home, it all boils down to three points – construction, design and building approval.

For building a shed, a bigger focus is placed on function over form. As a result, sheds are constructed with utility in mind and generally focus on reliability and storage than aesthetics.

On the other hand, when building a shed home, the focus is solely on making the design appeal to the eye. Therefore, the process is usually way more particular and often styled around a specific theme of your choice. This allows for a lot more creativity when it comes to design.

Another major difference between the two types of buildings is the amount of modifications that you can make - since a shed home is intended for living as opposed to just storage, you’ll obviously need to make more modifications.

For example, adding extra electrical outlets, insulation, bathrooms, and cabinets are all essential for living purposes - something that isn’t necessary in a regular shed. You’ll likely need to add other amenities as well depending on the type of living space you want to create.

The approvals look different as well between a shed and a shed home. You can read more about the main differences here.

At the end of the day, shed homes are for those who are looking for extra living space, whereas sheds are for those who just need extra storage.

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The benefits of building a shed home

There are several benefits to building a shed home instead of a regular shed. First, you get more value for your money when it comes to shed homes. Homes will typically last longer than sheds as they are built of more durable materials and they are also easier to maintain when built properly.

The additional modifications available to shed homes also makes it easier to make your home feel more like a home, rather than just a shed.

Another great benefit of shed homes is that they provide more living space than the average shed. This allows for more people to live in the home, meaning that the home has more potential for investment value should you ever decide to sell down the track.

Ultimately, building a shed home is a great option for anyone looking for extra living or storage space. With the extra amenities and living space comes added opportunities for investment and plenty of modification options for personalizing the property.

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Things to consider before building a shed home

Before you decide to build a shed home, there are a few things you need to consider. Most of these considerations will depend on the type of shed home you plan to build.

1. Location – Before you can take any further steps in the building process, you need to decide on the shed home’s location. It is essential to make sure the shed home will be in an area with good accessibility, as well as access to utilities and other necessary services.

2. Size – Shed homes come in a range of sizes. Depending on the number of people you plan to accommodate in your shed home, as well as the number of rooms and amenities you want, you need to consider to size of the shed home.

3. Design – You need to choose a design that is suitable for the type of shed home you are building.You should also keep in mind the aesthetic of the building, since your shed home should reflect your personal style as well.

4. Building regulations – Make sure you know the local regulations before you start constructing your shed home. You need to ensure that your shed home meets the necessary requirements so you won’t face any issues down the track. If you are not sure about this step, reach out to our sales team for more information here on the Sunshine Coast.

5. Cost – The cost of building a shed home will depend on the size and design you choose. Make sure you do your research and find the most cost-effective option without compromising on quality.

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Building a shed home may seem like a daunting task, but with the right research and planning, you can have your dream shed home in no time.

The Sunshine Coast region is a beautiful destination and the perfect place to build a shed home. With its beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery, and friendly communities, it is the perfect place to call home. Whether you choose to build your shed home or go with a prefabricated one, you can make it a perfect home for you and your family.

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