Cost of a Granny Flat on The Sunshine Coast

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How much does a Granny Flat cost on the Sunshine Coast you ask…

Getting started with your initial research is the most important part.

Here are some tips to understanding how much granny flats cost on the Sunshine Coast. Particularly how to establish an accurate budget for your granny flat project.

How Big Can It Be?

The size of your granny flat is one of the main cost contributors. So think about what size will suit you and your property. Remember to also consider your local council’s rules as most local councils have size restrictions for granny flats. Noosa council allows 65 square meter Granny Flats. The Sunshine Coast council allows up to 90 square meter depending on your property zoning and size. Use your council resources to find out everything about your property here.

The design and style of your new granny flat will also impact the cost. So think about what you want it to look like. Match in with your existing house, the surrounding neighbourhood or capture a nice view?

Building Compliance & Site Costs

Bushfire compliance will impact the overall cost of the project. Having a bushfire report completed for your new dwelling will provide the bushfire rating. This will allow your builder to provide you with a quote which includes bushfire compliant materials.

Sloping ground will also impact the cost of your sunshine coast granny flat. Considerations include machine access, scaffolding, foundation engineering and delivery of building materials.

Do you need a new waste water treatment system to treat the grey water? What about a new water tank to store and supply water to the new Sunshine Coast granny flat?

Have you considered your Site specific connections such as mains power supply, phone line, sewer line, water supply? All need to be calculated based on distance from the new building to existing services.

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