A Breath Of Fresh Air: Hinterland Health

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Flexible working arrangements might be the primary driver behind Queenslander’s exodus to regional areas, but is it the only reason? Not even close. Health? A breath of fresh air? much closer.

It was once mostly the dream of retirees. Now, it seems the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air, appreciate the quiet and promote an all-round healthier lifestyle, is appealing to more than just our older generations. We never expected to see so many younger Australian’s wanting to build a Shed House in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Dawn's Place - Sunshine Coast Builders

According to statistics, there is some truth to the theory that your age expectancy increases in regional areas. Living in these areas means you are at lower risk of dying prematurely from cancer, stroke or even heart disease. You’re even expected to live 1-2 years longer!

Cliched (yet true) adages about fresh country air aside, a tree change really can improve your health. Redirect your time you used to spend community into regular exercise, live away from the temptation of fast food and take a big long breath of country fresh air each and every morning.

Contact The Shed House today on 1800 270 750 to discuss your options for improving your life in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.