The Current Sunshine Coast Building Market


Of recent, the current Sunshine Coast build market has become a particularly popular topic with our clients and our new build enquiries. There seems to be a fair amount of concern about the industry, especially from what is conveyed through the media. Current concerns about the global market have had a flow on effect to all local industries. Make no mistake, what we are currently experiencing is a once in a lifetime event, however not necessarily something to lose sleep over. Let’s explore the common questions we are asked concerning the current build market and look at all of the positives that are to come.

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The Current Building Sunshine Coast Build Market

As most may know at this point, the Sunshine Coast building industry has experienced a major boom. The flow on affect is very evident and something that we know all too well about. Suppliers are working hard to create building materials, trades people are very much in demand and current build timeframes have increased for these reasons. Does this mean you should be deterred from building? No, not at all, however an awareness and understanding of the current market will certainly make the process much more smooth for you in the end. Choosing to build now may mean that you can avoid any further delays or price increases!

By developing a streamlined approach to the build process, we are able to remain stable and strong well into the future. Each and every single build we undertake is approached with the attitude that it will be custom in nature – and when considering all of the site specific items involved on each project, is certainly true. Read more about our process here.

The key to our approach is covering all of the build location, planning, selection and engineering components prior to contract stage. Before you commit to the build, you will have a clear picture of the total cost and have a realistic timeframe of the build time.

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What Are The Positives?

While yes, costs have increased universally across the building industry, this is not to say that after you have finished building, you will be paying more than what the building is worth. Make no mistake, we aren’t property experts, however one simply needs to look at what the current market presents. Perhaps it might be worth your while sitting down with a property market expert to discuss which direction the Sunshine Coast build market will be heading in the future to solidify your decision.

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An investment in building and/or real estate, is probably the most sensible one you can make – over a period of time of course. Especially when utilising good quality build materials proven to stand the test of time in the Australian climate! 

What are you waiting for? Make an enquiry with our friendly team and we will get back to you to discuss your unique project requirements and the current build timeframes. We look forward to assisting you with your next project!

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