The Sunshine Coast Granny Flat Building Approval Process


While we can fully understand how the Sunshine Coast granny flat building approval process may seem a bit confusing, it certainly doesn’t need to be. Of course, if you are opting for a turn key build with The Shed House, this is something that we will handle from start to finish. However, if you would like to understand the process in better detail, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the steps in detail and get a better understanding of what you may be permitted to build.

Wondering about what to expect when building a Sunshine Coast granny flat? Enquire with the building experts.

Does A Granny Flat Need Building Approval?

In addition to complying with the relevant local planning requirements, all dwellings (whether permanent or temporary) will require building approval. The building approval rules and requirements will differ from council region to council region – whether that be Sunshine Coast, Noosa or Gympie Councils.

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Where Do I Begin The Approvals Process?

The building approval for your Sunshine Coast granny flat may only be submitted once you have completed the plans, site specific reports and the engineering.


Can I Build A Granny Flat? What Is the Sunshine Coast Council Criteria?

In most instances, it will be easy for us to assist in obtaining building approval for your granny flat.

Firstly, we will need to undertake a site assessment on your land. This may include investigation via the Sunshine Coast Council interactive mapping tool, or by a site visit. 

After settling on the proposed build location, we can provide an overview of which site specific reports may be required. The type and number of reports will vary from site to site and will be based on potential issues such as flooding, bushfire, slope gradient and so on.

Once your plans and site specific reports have all been completed, we will undertake engineering of your granny flat plans. This is the final piece of information that the Sunshine Coast council will need to work through the granny flat building approval.

In the Sunshine Coast Council, the granny flat building rules and requirements will differ based on your land zoning.
If located in a rural or rural residential zone – you are permitted to build a granny flat up to 90m².

If located in all other zones (excluding the Moffat Beach/Shelly Beach/Dicky Beach area) – you are permitted to build a granny flat up to 60m².

In the Moffat Beach/Shelly Beach/Dicky Beach area – you are permitted to build a granny flat up to 45m² and no taller than 4m in height.

In addition to the above, the granny flat must be located within 20m of the primary dwelling, share common services (such as water, waste, letterbox, etc) and have sufficient parking (one on-site parking space for the granny flat occupants).

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Would you like to learn more about the approvals for your unique build location? Get in touch with a team member to begin your research. As experienced builders, the process of obtaining building approval for your Sunshine Coast granny flat is always a smooth journey.

Contact us for more information regarding the Sunshine Coast building approval process for a granny flat. Trust your local Sunshine Coast builder.