Why Build A Custom Designed Granny Flat?

Why should you build a custom designed granny flat, or consider altering the plans? There are many different reasons why you would consider this option as opposed to selecting a pre-designed standardised plan. In short, a custom designed granny flat will be designed creatively, to suit both your personal style and the land you live on to make the very most of the space. Let’s explore these reasons in better detail and discuss some of the common misconceptions surrounding a custom designed dwelling.

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What Is The Process Of A Custom Designed Granny Flat?

The process of a custom designed granny flat is not too dissimilar to that of a more standardised design. The main difference being time, where working through all of the custom design plans and selections could take longer than that of a completely standard design where most all of the work has been completed for you beforehand.

Whether choosing one of our pre-designed plans or a custom design of your own, in order to obtain building approval we will need to create a site plan showing the proposed dwelling on your land. We will also be required to draft a set of site specific architectural plans and engineering. Why site specific plans? As you may appreciate no two areas of land are identical, so we need to ensure that the placement of the new granny flat has been carefully considered and all of the earthworks/site works have been carefully considered when preparing your contract and quote.

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Is A Custom Design More Expensive?

Definitely not, a custom designed plan does not necessarily equate to a bigger cost. We know that this fact is contrary to popular opinion. So how and why is this the case?
This will come down to the finishes you select and your site building conditions. For example; choosing timber weatherboard cladding as opposed to Colorbond cladding, solid timber T&G flooring as opposed to vinyl planks, building on a steep sloping site as opposed to building on a perfectly level site with no earth works required, and so on. The number of variables is almost infinite.
So even if you did opt for a standardised design, this could potentially be more expensive to build as opposed to a custom designed granny flat when taking into consideration all of your selections and site variables.


What Are The Main Benefits of A Custom Designed Granny Flat?

At the end of the day you will have a space to live in that will meet all of your day-to-day requirements, that satisfies your unique taste. Not just something that was developed by another, based on common understanding of how to utilise a space and popular aesthetic choices.

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Custom Granny Flat Design Inspiration

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