What Colour Should I Choose For My Sunshine Coast Granny Flat Paint?


Choosing your granny flat paint colours may seem like a small and insignificant task in the big scheme of things. But we want to explain how the colour and type of paint that you select will have a large impact on the overall look and feel. There are many different variables when it comes to the granny flat paint selections, including the brand, colour and finish types. Thankfully, we have worked hard to narrow down the supplier and a few of our most popular colour selections. Of course, as with all other suppliers, we choose only to work with the local paint company. Let’s cover all of the granny flat paint selection options in detail.

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Do We Use Australian Branded Paints?

Yes – where strictly possible, we use Haymes paint. Haymes is one of Australia’s most trusted local brands, creating paint products that suit our climate. From anti-bacterial finishes to ones that can stand the most extreme weather in Australia, they have created it all. The brand started from humble beginnings over 80- years ago, growing to be one of the most favourite and well-known brands in the market. We believe it is the premium quality and innovative blending techniques that make this paint the obvious choice. Haymes paints are formulated to last for years and years, therefore helping to reduce the maintenance and costs for your granny flat long term!


Why Is The Colour Choice So Important?

Your choice of granny flat paint colours will make a big impact on the overall look and feel (inside and outside). A great reason why light colours are preferred for the interior is due to the “lightening” effect. Bright, light colours will reflect light, as opposed to dark colours which will absorb the light. Choosing light colours for the building interior will work well for small granny flat builds – as you can create the illusion of a large space. Of course the careful and considerate inclusion of windows and mirrors will help in the overall feel too.

Utilising dark colours for the external cladding can make a bold and surprising statement. Especially if you are building a smaller granny flat. We are often asked if dark coloured cladding will affect the heat and energy efficiency. Simple answer – no. Due to the level of insulation we include with all of our granny flat builds, this will not be an issue. Read more about the different insulation options we offer here.

The colours that you choose in your granny flat paint selections can have one of the largest impacts on your overall design. Thankfully, we have narrowed down a few of our most popular internal and external colour selections which will reduce the stress in finding the right ones! Of course, if you are after a select finish of your own, we can incorporate this too. We just know that with thousands of swatches out there on the market, it can be hard to choose just one or two.

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Are There Any Further Considerations For The Granny Flat Paint?

Did you know that not only are there thousands of paint colours available for your granny flat paint selections, there are many paint finish options available too? Let us explain – the paint sheen is a measure of the reflected light from a paint finish. The paint sheen level will determine the ultimate finish. Whilst there are many paint finish options available, we don’t always recommend or offer all of them. There are a few reasons for this. The paint finish Gloss will traditionally be suited to old Queenslander style homes, authentic to the time period. Other options such as Pearl or Eggshell just aren’t as popular today. Our standard offering includes Matte and Semi-Gloss – which are the most popular choices in the building industry.

It is interesting to note that the walls and ceilings can be offered in one finish only – Flat. The lack of reflection will allow more paint pigment to come through, therefore emphasising how choosing a light colour will be important here.

The Matte finish is nearly as shine free as Flat, with slightly more durability. Matte paint is very easy to clean and touch up at any point. This flawless finish will also work to hide any imperfections, so is a very forgiving option. If you live in a busy household, it is important to be aware that stains are more difficult to remove on the Matte finish.
The Semi-Gloss paint finish has a very high durability, a nice sleek look and is resistant to mildew, moisture and wear. Semi-Gloss will be the best option for a busy household, or where the environment is more prone to moisture (such as hinterland locations).

With all of that being said, during your selections process, our team will help to guide you through the options available to you. We want to ensure that your granny flat paint selection (and overall selection) process is an enjoyable one.

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