Why Build a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast

Building a Shed Home is a great alternative to a traditional home if you live on the Sunshine Coast. At The Shed House, we use an engineered steel framing system to construct all of our Shed Homes, which allows for greater diversity in design and layout. Traditional houses are restricted by their building materials, but our Shed Homes offer opportunity to design extensive open floor plans and high raked ceilings to take advantage of the natural light and fresh sea breeze of the Sunshine Coast area.

The Sunshine Coast is thriving, and many residents are looking to build a Shed Home, Granny Flat or Home Studio to accommodate their family members, visiting friends and relatives, or to earn a little extra income. Contact us to find out how easy it is to add a Shed Home to your Sunshine Coast property and start reaping the benefits now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shed Homes:

Will my Shed Home look like a shed?

Are Shed Homes hot?

Is a Shed Home environmentally friendly?

Why use a steel frame instead of normal timber?

Will my Shed Home be approved as a house?

What basic floorplan layouts are available?

What custom design options do you have?

What are the rules around building a Shed Home on the Sunshine Coast?

What areas do you service?

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Learn more about our levels of service by reading through what we offer as a Lock Up package on all of our Shed Homes on the Sunshine Coast. Additionally, if you are considering becoming an Owner Builder - we can help you along the process. Understand how to become an Owner Builder and What's involved with the build process

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