Why Building an Off Grid Sunshine Coast Granny Flat is Important in 2022 & Beyond


Here in 2022 we are facing a number of everyday living cost changes – so what exactly is the importance of building an off grid Sunshine Coast granny flat? While electricity bills have been steadily increasing, we now know for sure that 2023 will see ever further increases in the electricity sector. What is to blame for the increase? Unfortunately, there is no single cause, but many influencing factors. So for this reason alone, now is the best time to begin planning your off grid Sunshine Coast granny flat build!

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What is an off grid Sunshine Coast Granny Flat?

There are many ways you can achieve an off grid granny flat build. ‘Off grid’ means to be off the traditional electricity grid, town water and sewer. Therefore lowering or completely eliminating household bills.

There are a few approaches you may wish to take in regards to powering your off grid Sunshine Coast granny flat.

  1. Solar – The solar system will convert sunlight into electricity via photovoltaic solar panels that harness the sun’s energy. The solar electricity will be free and available to use throughout daylight hours (when the electricity will be produced). If you are utilising solar alone, it is unlikely that you will be off the main electricity grid altogether. As during the night or on cloudy days, you will need a back up power source. In addition, if the location of your solar panels is not exposed to the sun 100%, the panels may not be able to produce as much electricity. This can be common in bush or wooded areas.
  2. Battery storage – A battery storage system is charged by electricity, most commonly generated from solar. If installed in conjunction with solar, the electricity generated throughout the day can be stored within the battery for use at night or during cloudy days. The size and type of the system you choose will determine how long the energy stored within the battery will last (1 day or 5 hours, for example).
  3. Generator (gas or petrol) – Generators are probably less common and are generally always used as a backup method, not the primary source of power. They can be used whether you have chosen to install a battery or not, or whether you are connected to the main electricity grid, or not. A generator will provide instant electricity when it is needed – in a blackout for example or during extended periods of overcast or wet weather. A generator can be powered either by LPG or petrol. If you intend on using this back up power option, you must keep a reserve of gas or petrol on hand for when it’s needed.

Converting you off grid granny flat to be self reliant on water & waste is a bit more straight forward. This will entail installing water tanks and a septic system. You can read a bit further about septic systems and how they work here.


Is Building an off grid Sunshine Coast granny flat more expensive?

While yes, there certainly will be higher upfront costs involved in a completely off grid granny flat build, theoretically, these initial costs will pay off in the longer term. Think of it like delayed gratification.

If the upfront costs seem a bit high, you could consider investing in these off grid additions at a later point in time. Perhaps you opt to install solar at the time of the build, and install a battery storage system some time down the track. 


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