Build A Sunshine Coast POD – The POD Build Process


Making the decision to build can be very exciting, so why should you consider building a Sunshine Coast POD over anything else? Perhaps you are a bit restricted with timeframes, or have a set budget – that’s where a Sunshine Coast POD will tick all of your boxes. Amidst recent price rises, and the cost of everyday living, building a house may seem a bit out of reach for some (of course, we can certainly relate!). However we want you to know that simply by thinking outside of the POD (yes, pun intended), you can achieve this! Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing to build a Sunshine Coast POD over any other building method.

What is the process to build a Sunshine Coast POD? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

Building A POD VS A Traditional Style House

While some of the differences may remain unclear at this early stage, we want to point out that the main similarity, in that all of your housing needs can be met with a POD. Our Backyard Solutions range of PODs is designed to bridge the gap in the housing and accommodation market. Designed as a fully personalised product, available with clever material finishes and a large range of colour options. 

The biggest difference between a POD and a traditional build being the ability to re-locate. Similar to other modular style builds, you have the ability to re-locate your POD home at any time with a crane truck and transport vehicle. The entire structure and foundations are completely customisable too, ranging from build to slab, build on posts, or build on skids (& posts) for removal at a later date. So no matter your position, as land holder, renter, or multi-generational household, there is a long term solution guaranteed to fit your needs.


The PODs Seem A Bit Small, Can I Renovate At A Later Date?

Yes, you certainly can renovate or re-configure your set up at a later point in time. Even if you wish to start small, the options to extend are limitless. One of the most popular configurations we build is more of a modular set up. Whereby the different “zones” are connected via a breezeway or deck & awning. For example, one bedroom POD, one kitchen POD and one Bathroom POD all sharing a joint deck and fly over roof.

Also while you do have the ability to join multiple PODs together to form one living arrangement, our Sunshine Coast PODs are customisable too. Generally speaking, we restrict the width to 3.5m if you are wanting to transport the POD at a later date, in order to adhere to all Queensland transport rules and regulations. However the length is certainly not set and depending on your requirements/desired configuration, they can be built up to 12m long, providing ample space for a small family or couple to live.


Where to begin the process if you are wanting to build? Simply reach out to our team and submit an expression of interest. We can provide advice tailored to you and help get you started on your unique Sunshine Coast POD building journey.

Contact us to find out more information about building a Sunshine Coast POD. Trust your local builder.