Will My Land Affect My Sunshine Coast Build Cost? Will A Pre-Designed or Custom Plan Work For Me?


If you have stumbled across this article, you are probably undertaking research for your Sunshine Coast build cost. Here at The Shed House, we are Sunshine Coast locals and proud of the fact. We both live and work exclusively in this local community. That’s why we have a good understanding of building in this region – with undulating hills, forest-scapes and beach front properties. Yes, we are very fortunate to be in this area, however as Sunshine Coast builders we are aware of the challenges that will face some land holders during the build process. This is not to say that building is too difficult, this just means that we have expert experience building in tricky spots and are able to overcome most site specific challenges. While we do offer a large range of pre-designed plans along with starting prices, we don’t want you to feel that you are limited by this fact. We do offer flexibility to save you stress and money in your overall Sunshine Coast build cost.

What will a Sunshine Coast build cost? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

Will A Standard Plan Work For My Land?

It will be impossible to provide a concrete yes or no here, until we have conducted an in-depth site investigation with you. Upon your initial enquiry, we will call to discuss your basic details and plans for building. If you have land ready to go, have researched your finances or have a good idea on your budget allowance, we will likely conduct a site visit with you to discuss the project feasibility. Whether or not one of our standard plans will work for you depends on a number of factors including:

  • Your chosen build location – in relation to aspect and location to the sun (especially considering energy efficiency, passive cooling and thermal regulation).
  • The slope of your land – which can impact the engineering and floor system selection (concrete slab or suspended floor system).
  • Your design/usage requirements – number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc.
  • The view – especially if you have multiple build locations to choose from.

It is for all of the above reasons that you may or may not find a standard design to tick all of the boxes, including meeting your budget allowance.

Step 8 - Internal Fit Out Build Process

I Hear Custom Designs Are More Expensive, Therefore I Don’t Have Many Options Available To Me!

Custom designs are not more expensive when compared to our pre-designed plans. The prices we have calculated in all of our pricing brochures are starting costs. Yes, your land may affect your overall Sunshine Coast build cost. The selections you choose will also affect the pricing – if you choose to upgrade the inclusions.

There are many ways in which your land can affect the build cost, some may include earthworks, engineering of a suspended floor system, selections of build materials if located in a high BAL (bushfire) zone, and so on. Here at The Shed House we allow for up to 3 revisions of your design – meaning if you wish to customise any of our pre-designed plans or design something completely custom, the cost won’t increase over those revisions. In fact, if you are looking at a particularly tricky build location, it may even save you money in the long run to opt for a custom design. 


Here at The Shed House we have a fresh approach to building, which can tick everyone’s boxes – cost, design and overall outcome. As Sunshine Coast locals, we know that there is no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” design. If you would like to learn about what makes us different and how we can assist you in your build journey, submit an online enquiry to begin your building journey.

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