Renovating VS Building – Should I Build A Sunshine Coast Granny Flat

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The old renovate vs build debate is a long standing one – so why should you choose to build a Sunshine Coast granny flat? When compared to new construction, renovating may seem like the easier solution, simply because you aren’t starting from scratch. In the current global climate, we are seeing more and more families move in together to alleviate the current cost of living. While this decision may be beneficial to the finances, it won’t necessarily be beneficial for family dynamics. The key to a peaceful home setting is allowing for space and privacy. Hence, if you are living in a multiple generational household, your decision to renovate vs build will be an important one. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each option, and discuss why the option to build a Sunshine Coast granny flat may be the right answer.

Why should you build a Sunshine Coast granny flat? Enquire with the Sunshine Coast building experts.

Renovate or Build – Pros and Cons

Let’s first discuss renovating. The pros –

  • Potentially a faster process, when comparing against all items required for a new build prior to obtaining council approval.
  • You can keep part of your existing home, which you may actually love.

The cons –

  • Living in the renovations. Unless you have arranged other accommodation, you will be living in the construction – which can exasperate any issues surrounding the family living situation.
  • There are always unplanned and unforeseen problems. When you knock down a wall, (unless you have x-ray vision) there is no way of really knowing what is there. Even if you built the home yourself, originally.
  • Added costs, when encountering unplanned or unforeseen issues. Although a renovation may seem less expensive from the outset, this probably won’t be the case in the long run.
  • The process can be substantially prolonged if you do encounter unplanned or unforeseen issues.

Now, a new granny flat build. The pros –

  • You have ultimate control over the build. You may choose to compliment your existing home, or add something different. Plus, once your build contract is signed, there are no unplanned surprises.
  • Not only will you increase the liveable space, but you will actually create a bigger range of separation/space.
  • You create the ability to start from scratch. Therefore you can build and design off your immediate needs.
  • Your current living situation will remain un-disturbed.

The cons –

  • Well, we can’t think of any!

Can I Build A Sunshine Coast Granny Flat?

It is true that in the Sunshine Coast Council region, there are rules that regulate any new granny flat build. In the technical sense, a granny flat is classed as a ‘secondary dwelling’. Read the design and approval rules below -

No more than 50% site coverage allowed on site (including all pre-existing buildings, combined). You are permitted to build a 90m² space where located in the rural or rural residential zone. Alternatively, you are permitted to build a 60m² space in all other zones. In addition, you must provide at least one parking space in addition to all existing parking spaces.

We can provide advice, tailored to your unique situation and advise on what you can actually build.

Step 3 - Preliminary Agreement 2

As you can see, there are obvious benefits to both sides of the renovate or build camp – more so for building if you would like to have a clear idea about what you will be entering into. It may pay to obtain prices and estimates – we can certainly assist in this department. Reach out by submitting an online enquiry, so we can provide you with pricing and advice.

Contact us to find out more information about building a Sunshine Coast granny flat. Trust your local builder.