Building A New Home On The Sunshine Coast?

If you watch the news, you’d be forgiven for thinking the building industry has come to a grinding halt in the wake of recent supply issues. Don’t get me wrong, if you are building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, there are some challenges, but that is not a reason to be discouraged.

For good reason, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission is urging homeowners to be patient. There is an Australia-wide shortage of building materials and skilled tradespeople, resulting in delays for the building process. There have been, and will continue to be price variations across the industry. How we balance these is very important to the success of your project.

Timeframes & Expectations

Managing timeframes and balancing customer expectations is all part of what we do here at The Shed House. The last thing you want when you’re building your home is a breakdown in communication… Followed by a nasty surprise or unexpected delay.

When you build your Granny Flat or custom home with The Shed House we handle the whole process for you. From design, to approvals through to construction, we are there every step of the way. Our end to end management, proven processes and knowledge of the local council rules and regulations are the key. These principles allow us to deliver our projects in a timely manner in a challenging building environment.

Building with a steel frame can save you time and money

Along with our process, we have established good relationships with quality local suppliers and trades. This is allowing us to continue delivering our projects in around 6 months from contract date. Unlike other builders who are reporting 18 – 24 month lead times.

How Can We Help?

If you are building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, The Shed House is the team for you. A cricket coach once taught me that “Proper Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance. In times like these, it is the organised team and proven processes of the Shed House that you want designing, planning and building your new project.

When you build with The Shed House, you aren’t building with a volume builder. You are building with a small, family team that prides itself on quality customer service and project delivery.

Contact us about building a new home on the Sunshine Coast today!