3 Mistakes To Avoid: Building A Granny Flat In Noosa

Choosing to build a new granny flat in the Noosa area is becoming more and more popular. With rising property prices and the idea of keeping family close by while maintaining independence, it’s really not a surprise.

Today we will discuss 3 common mistakes people make when deciding to build a new granny flat. These mistakes can lead to delays and extra costs.

Do Your Granny Flat Research!

Completing your Granny Fat design for your Noosa property before completing your initial research. This can end up costing you time and money to find out your project is not feasible. In some instances your initial design may need to change due to complex planning reasons. In most instances following the basic guidelines for your initial design work will result in a successful first design.

You can research your property using the Noosa Councils town plan mapping tool. Find it here: https://www.mapping.noosa.qld.gov.au/.

Sloping Block Granny Flat

And Do It In The Right Order

Completing the approval steps in the wrong order for your Noosa granny flat. This can cause cost blow outs and major time delays. To avoid this find a reputable local builder or building certifier. Make sure you ask them about the steps you should follow in order to minimise cost and delays.

Understand Your Granny Flat Budget

Poor budgeting for your Noosa granny flat. It is important to ask the right questions of your builder. Refer back to a detailed checklist to ensure all cost items have been accounted for.

Do you want to avoid these 3 costly errors when deciding to build your new Noosa granny flat?

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