Building a Quality Sunshine Coast POD vs Budget Portable Building

Choosing to build a Sunshine Coast POD is a wonderful alternative to traditional building solutions. For one, the time taken to construct a portable building will be significantly less than a traditional build, plus the costs are much less. Think of our Sunshine Coast PODs as a small investment towards bettering your home life quality. However, in your portable building search, you may be wondering what the difference between one of our Sunshine Coast PODs and a more budget portable building would be. Let’s explore the differences and discuss the best option for you.

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Benefits of Building a Sunshine Coast POD?

Essentially, our Sunshine Coast PODs are portable buildings – with a big difference. Our team have worked hard to create a range of Sunshine Coast PODs that provide flexible, convenient living, with serious street appeal. While we do have a set range of pre-designed options, our Sunshine Coast PODs can be fully customised. Whether you wish to adapt the external finishes, internal layout, or even the way it is constructed – it is all possible. Our flexible approach to portable buildings will enable you to find an option that will not only ease your living and storage requirements, but also add value to your property.

When it comes to the construction of our PODs, we can build either on or off site, build on a slab, on a steel floor system or on skids for transport now and in the future. All of our Sunshine Coast PODs have been designed with transport in mind – adhering to all Queensland Transport legislation.

You may choose to match or compliment your existing home – don’t feel limited by the design.

Your construction and design choices are endless!

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Difference Between A Sunshine Coast POD and a Budget Portable Building

Now that we have covered what our range of Sunshine Coast PODs look like, it will be important to distinguish the difference between these and budget portable building options. The main difference is the ability to customise your options. Budget portable buildings are budget for a reason – in order to be sold for dirt cheap prices, they need to be standardised. Which, isn’t a bad thing, it is just limiting – especially if your home is your pride and joy. Generally speaking, budget portable buildings are not customisable – there aren’t many options to choose from. While a portable building is a great solution for those needing a quick turnaround, they certainly won’t go far in adding value to your property.

At the end of the day, you will need to consider all options carefully to make the best long term decision for you and your family. Our Sunshine Coast PODs will assist in adding value and make you want to spend time in your space.

In terms of turn around time, there is no difference. Of course depending on the current work load – as can be said with any portable building supplier in 2022. Given that our PODs will sit on a similar price level and take roughly the same amount of time to build, we struggle to find a reason why you wouldn’t choose this as your portable building solution.

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