Building Affordable Housing

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The number of people within the average household is shrinking, while homes are becoming larger. Larger homes are a leading contributor to housing unaffordability in Australia. We share tips about affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast.

What does it mean?

Affordable housing is when people are able to rent or purchase a home within their financial means. Often people try to ensure they maintain their chosen lifestyle, while taking advantage of the best opportunities available. Unfortunately, affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast is difficult to obtain and seeking traditional homes could lead to compromising key values, such as location and materials, to meet a buyer’s budget.

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What are we seeing?

Luckily, sustainability is a trend that is growing and offers an alternative option without the need to sacrifice your lifestyle. But what does this look like? By improving the sustainability of your building you increase the affordability across the lifespan of the home. Affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast could be as simple as a smaller, smarter floor plan which is a way to reduce initial and ongoing costs, or using an innovative design to make your home energy and water efficient. Additionally, you could be eligible for ‘green’ discount loans and rebates, improving your repayment capacity. Sustainable options are no longer a barrier when building your home, and when you reduce the operating costs for the long term, you increase your home’s affordability.

How can The Shed house help?

The Shed House is a great alternative to traditional housing and offers a wide range of smaller, smarter floor plans. The team can work with you to create a sustainable home design that will ensure your building is cost effective to run and comfortable to live in. There are a number of items we consider when creating your home, including the energy efficiency of the building, the aspect, building materials, airflow and insulation. By choosing The Shed House you do not need to sacrifice location or style to achieve the home of your dreams. Contact us today to find out more about our affordable homes on the Sunshine Coast. View some of our most popular designs here.

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