Supporting Australian Made

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In the current economic climate it is important to buy and support local products and services. The Shed House are builders on the Sunshine Coast, a family-owned business that supports locals.

Supporting Australian Standards

When you build a home on the Sunshine Coast, you need to abide by strict Australian building standards. Australian building standards are thought to be high on a global scale, as long as the home is built to the conditions of its location. The Shed House ensures quality control at Australian standards and sources ethical material. Additionally, as builders on the Sunshine Coast, they understand the local terrain and best designs suited to the hinterland.

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Supporting Local Australian Made

The Shed House supports both local products and services throughout the supply chain. With the current economic condition, it is more important than ever to consider where your products are being sourced from. Our frames are manufactured locally using Australian TrueCore Steel, while the roll of the roofing and walling are formed from Australian Colorbond. The cladding of our homes are Weathertex, manufactured in Australia, and is better than a zero carbon footprint. Even our windows are manufactured locally in Brisbane by GJames Australian production line. By being builders on the Sunshine Coast, The Shed House understands the local conditions and offers warranties on products to match them. There are many benefits to supporting the local economy.

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Quality Over Quantity

When you choose builders on the Sunshine Coast who source locally made quality over quantity, you can rest assured you are getting the best products and services, with added benefits. One benefit is that buying local limits the impact of building on the environment as there is less transport and logistics required to get the materials to the site. You also benefit from the ability to more easily customise your home design with local customer support. The Shed House is a trade family business that helps hundreds of other local families in our supply chain. We work together to provide you with quality supplies and workmanship to bring your new shed home dream to life. Read more about our build inclusions here.

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