Building in a Bushfire Zone Sunshine Coast


Bushfire mapping is important here on the Sunshine Coast as we have an abundance of bushland– so what does building in a Sunshine Coast bushfire zone really mean? You may even be wondering if it is possible to build in a Sunshine Coast bushfire zone – well it is possible. There are a number of steps that we will undertake to ensure that your new build meets the relevant criteria. Let’s explore how we achieve an approved build in a Sunshine Coast bushfire zone.

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Gather The Reports

It may be helpful to do a quick search to identify whether or not your land is identified in the bushfire hazard overlay within the local Sunshine Coast planning scheme. You can check out your property here. Alternatively, if you submit an online enquiry with us, we can create a free preliminary assessment to outline what reports your site will require in order to obtain building approval.

Once identified that your land is within the bushfire hazard overlay zone, and you wish to build, we will need to undertake a bushfire report. In all instances, if you are located within a Sunshine Coast bushfire zone, you will require a bushfire report. A bushfire report will provide the BAL (bushfire attack level). The BAL is a graded assessment for the severity and risk of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact.

Once we can establish the BAL on your property, we will be able to assess how best to move forward with your build. It is important to understand that there are a number of different exposure classes including –

  • BAL-12.5 – low risk
  • BAL-19 – moderate risk
  • BAL-29 – high risk
  • BAL-40 – very high risk
  • BAL-FZ – extreme risk
  • Essentially, the higher the BAL, the more infrastructure is required – which can increase the total build cost.The bushfire report will also help to identify a number of other significant factors including:

  • The location of firebreaks and fire management lines
  • The location of the different BAL zones in relation to the proposed infrastructure and/or building envelopes
Step 5 - Contract Stage

What will my Sunshine Coast Bushfire Zone Build look like?

The final result of your Sunshine Coast build will depend on what your land BAL is. For example, a BAL 12.5 probably won’t require too much additional protection. For example, it may include steel security screens over your windows and doors and non-flammable cladding options (such as Colorbond steel cladding).

Ultimately, no two locations are alike and therefore your site requirements can only be determined once all relevant site reports have been completed. 


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