Choosing the Right Building Materials


Carefully choosing the right building materials for your steel frame home on the Sunshine Coast can mean significant improvement in comfort, environmental impact, and cost effectiveness.

There are a couple of considerations to make when thinking about your building materials. For starters, durability is essential, as you can extend the lifetime of the product. If you combine durability with low maintenance, you ensure you don’t need to worry as much about materials and finishes for your steel frame home.

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The environmental impact of building your steel frame home on the Sunshine Coast is more than whether the material is eco-friendly. It is important to think about all stages of the life cycle — the upstream stage (materials extraction and manufacture), the in-use or operational stage, and the downstream stage (disposal or reuse). Only when you look at all the stages of the process can you get a full understanding of your environmental impact. To help with your decision there are databases like Ecospecifier that enable you to view the credentials of a broad range of materials and products.

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The Shed House considers your comfort, the environmental impact, and cost effectiveness. We use durable products like Truecore steel frames which are termite resistant, straight and true, and grant you a warranty up to 50 years. With the frame taken care of, we can look at the Weathertex cladding, which is Australian made, and environmentally friendly. Another choice, made for durability is the Colorbond roofing that comes already painted. The various Colorbond products we use from the roof to the gutter, are long lasting and low on maintenance. You can improve your comfort, by insulating your home. Insulation is a great way of increasing comfort levels through the seasonal weather changes. As standard, The Shed House offers roof blanket and wall sarking. If you need more information your energy efficiency report will state exactly what insulation your home requires.
By making informed decisions about your materials and the products you choose, you can reduce the cost over the lifespan of your steel frame home. Contact The Shed House to find out more. Read more about our unique building inclusions here.

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