Creating A Healthy Home


There are many steps you can take to ensure your home is healthy. From planning to design, through to use and maintenance, we discuss how to create healthy homes on the Sunshine Coast.

What Is A Healthy Home?

A healthy home is one that keeps health as a priority when moving through the stages of building to occupying. This can be the quality of the air you are breathing, the plants in your yard that can affect your hayfever, through to how often your floors are vacuumed to prevent dust mites. We all want to have healthy homes on the Sunshine Coast, but it can be difficult to make changes to your property when your home is already complete. It is best to have health as a priority from the beginning. We look at how to keep health in mind when planning, designing, using and maintaining your home.

How To Plan

A good first step is to check out the property for the air and soil quality. Ask yourself, what has the land been used for? How close is it to main roads? Do you know of any major works planned in the area? What plants are on the property?

You can head to the planning section of the Sunshine Coast Regional Council to investigate what the land was previously used for, visit the property check if there is any construction in the area, and take a few photos of plants you’re not sure about. All this can give you insight into the initial air and soil quality on the property.

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How To Design

ventilation. Talk to The Shed House about a good oriented design that will take advantage of breezes to draw stale air out and fresh air in. This is all about ensuring you have ventilation. Take time to think about balancing security and noise reduction, with the airflow in the design that can improve the air you breathe.

Another design choice you can make is flooring. While dust particles are often harmless, they can trigger health issues, particularly for children close to the ground. You might like to consider the option of smooth surfaces that are easier to clean and maintain, like polished wood or vinyl.


How To Use And Maintain

Once you have designed your home, you will need to think about what you will put in it and how you will maintain a healthy standard. You can start right now by using a doormat that will pick up dust particles from your feet as you enter the home. When you are building, you can make a big difference in the kitchen.

The first tip is to use energy efficient exhaust fans in the kitchen, as well as the laundry, and bathrooms, this will allow moist air to escape and not settle on your lungs. An exhaust fan is essential in the kitchen, it is also important that they are cleaned regularly to prevent fat droplets settling in the vent, as this can lead to a fire hazard or fungi and bacteria. Another difference you can make in the kitchen, is to ensure it is well-fitted to stop bugs getting into your food and kitchenware.

There are many ways you can ensure your home is healthy, and it can begin with a team that can support you through the process. Read more about our build process and inclusions here.

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