Benefits of Downsizing to a Granny Flat


Whether purchasing or building a granny flat, they have a lot to offer. We consider three benefits of downsizing to a granny flat on the Sunshine Coast.

Save Costs

The first benefit of considering a granny flat on the Sunshine Coast is the cost. Downsizing to a granny flat is the more affordable option for many. A granny flat is less expensive than building or buying a new home, and the building process can also be simpler. While a granny flat is sometimes called that because it is a popular way to accommodate aging parents, it offers an intergenerational asset that has appeal as a teenage retreat, space for hobbies, or as a source of extra income. Essentially, downsizing to a granny flat can be a wise investment in the long term.

Lower Maintenance & Independent Living

From saving money to less maintenance, downsizing to a granny flat on the Sunshine Coast can offer coastal living and independence. This helps to avoid retirement homes for some, and shared accommodation for others. A smaller home means you don’t need to spend as much time maintaining the property and you can spend time doing the things you love. For aging parents, this can mean independence in being able to manage their own home without relying on others. For younger homeowners, it can give back time in a busy schedule that can have housework getting away from you.

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Safe Living Environment

Finally, building, purchasing  or downsizing to a granny flat on the Sunshine Coast offers intergenerational living and a safe living environment for family members of all ages as they have the option to live within close proximity, without impeding on privacy. For aging parents or people with a disability, granny flats are easily equipped with grab rails and have options available to improve quality of life, such as, lower light switches and windows to provide a view for those who are unable to stand. They are also often a single level dwelling which allows for wheelchair accessibility. If you choose to build a main home on the property, they provide a safe haven for teenages, hobbies, or extra income. This ultimately improves the investment value of your home. View some of our most popular granny flat designs here.


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