Design and Layout Considerations For Turn Key Homes

Planning a layout can be a big task with many special considerations. To our fellow Sunshine Coast residents, we recommend you pay attention to the spatial layout. Whether it be a custom plan or Kit, it pays to consider your current living situation. Think about what is lacking – and what works. First-hand experience and daily ritual will help this process the most!

Lighting is also an integral part of your new home. It is important to harness the natural light and carefully consider where LEDs will be placed. Consider doing a sun-study before choosing or designing your plan. Establish where you would like the bedroom, kitchen etc, based on the sun’s patterns – the seasons will play a role in this too!

On summary – it certainly pays to research, visit displays and have a chat with your family. When you begin the design process you should start noting down all the items and elements of interest to you. Start paying attention to your everyday surroundings, you will begin to notice during the design process how important this is!