Reasons to Build a Shed Home

Modular homes, Kit homes, liveable shed home and tiny homes are quickly becoming a popular option – especially on the Sunshine Coast! If you are still in the market, or just generally undecided – read our list of benefits below to discover why building with The Shed House can be so great!


  1. Save time, and money!

Our Kits are designed with the owner builder in mind – meaning you save on labour and have complete control over the end finishes. Alternatively, for our Turn Key options – you too can save money on the frame construction alone! Steel frame construction allows for quick erection, and has many other benefits too. Generally, due to the size, the turnover times are much faster.

  1. For the Owner Builders – it is a straight forward design!

If you do choose one of our pre-designed and fabricated Kits, not only do you have the ability to save on money, but the skills required to assemble the Kit are generally less involved than that of a normal home. Additionally, given the size of most our plans, a smaller size can only be beneficial in the same regard.


  1. You are ahead of your time!

Small homes, Kit homes and Granny Flat designs are on the forefront of space practicality and material availability. As time goes on these designs will become more and more prevalent – so just think of it as being ahead of the time! This is of course not mentioning the benefits associated with building this style of home on acerage lots.


  1. Take up less of nature’s space!

This can be summarised simply; the smaller the home, the more space you leave for nature to grow. This can be by choice, or due to Council limitation – both creating a positive affect.

  1. Reduce, reuse recycle – construction needn’t be wasteful!

There are many benefits associated with steel frames, they mostly come from recycled material, and furthermore, can be recycled once no longer in use.

  1. You can be one with nature..

Our Kits, Shed Homes and Granny Flats can be completely customised to blend into nature – consider choosing raw and natural materials like unfinished weatherboards. The possibilities are endless!



Firstly, consider your needs and requirements;

  • Do you want to build yourself, do you need partial help with the frame, or do you want a complete build?
  • Consider your plan requirements. Browse through our available plans to see if any would suit your needs, alternatively start sketching your ideas down for us to help with your custom plan.
  • Contact us for a quote!