Choosing A Sunshine Coast Home Builder

Building a new home or granny flat on the Sunshine Coast is a big financial investment so you need to get it right. There are many different factors you need to consider when you decide to build a new home on the Sunshine Coast; today we are focusing on choosing the right Sunshine Coast Home Builder for you and your project.

What Does It Mean To Choose The RIGHT Builder?

Choose A Local Builder

Home building on the Sunshine Coast is not the same as home building in other areas of Australia due to local council rules, climate, wind and topography. Ensuring you choose a local builder is the first key step to a successful building experience. Your local builder should have a strong understanding of the local area building requirements and work with local suppliers and trades.

Strong Knowledge Of Council Rules

Local builders should have a strong knowledge of the local building rules and regulations saving you time and money. They should also work closely with a local building certifier who will provide a clear insight into the requirements of gaining approval for your new home before you complete the entire design process. One of the first questions you ask your builder should be about what you are allowed to build on your property and if there are any special reports needed to gain approval. Check out your Sunshine Coast Property Report.

Know your site, know your builder, know your rules.

Communication Systems

The key to an enjoyable building experience is good communication between you and your builder. Ask your builder how they intend on communicating with you during the preliminary stages and building process. This will provide you with a great insight about how they will approach your job. It is important to be upfront about your expectations with the builder so you can see if they are the right builder for you and your project.

Specialist Builder

Think about what type of home or granny flat you want to build on the Sunshine Coast. Building a new home in a rural setting around the Sunshine Coast hinterland is different to building a new home in an estate with level blocks. Find a home builder who specialises in the building type and location. For example – If you own a block which is sloping and located in the hinterland. Look for Sunshine Coast Home Builder who specialise in building on sloping blocks in the hinterland.

Project examples

Ask your builder to show you images and videos of past projects they have completed around the Sunshine Coast. This will provide you a clear idea of the style and quality of home they build. Most builders who are proud of their projects will have quality images and videos to showcase on their website and social media.


Choosing a builder based on the cheapest price can be the worst decision you make. Take the time to research and get to know your builder. Consider what you are getting for the price. Level of finish, scope of work – inclusions and exclusions, design process, communication processes and approval process.

Choose wisely. Choose The Shed House.

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