Why consider a Kit Home?

Benefits of a Kit Home in Australia

You have been considering purchasing a Kit Home – but you aren’t a builder, and you would like some guidance. Does this sound familiar? Purchasing a kit and doing the build yourself is a relatively straight forward process – with the key to success being in the planning.

Basic Benefits of a Kit Home

Price – being the main one. You are in control of the finances. You are able to decide where, when and how your money is spent.

Time – the project is controlled on your timeline.

Influence - you control every aspect of your build. You can build the home of your dreams, not someone else's easy option. 

Building Benefits

What build benefits do Kit Homes delivered to your home site have? 

1. Pre-Cut & measured frames which are labelled - No on site measuring and cutting.
2.  Light weight steel stud frames - Easy to lift & maneuver into place.
3. Easy to follow 'DIY' guide - Step by step process for assembly.
4. The frame includes all service holes for trades & allows lining with  the stud frame - Decreasing build time.
5. The easy addition of upgrades & variations are available - Please contact the Shed House office for these.
6. Delivered in a flat-pack allowing for cheaper shipping - Reducing overall cost
7.  The Shed House steel frames are designed to withstand Australian conditions & to all Australian standards
8.  All (The Shed House) Kit Homes  are designed & manufactured in QLD.

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Other Kit Home Benefits

As an Owner Builder outside of the physical building, why should you consider building a Kit Home?

1. Every Trade involved is under your control.
2. You only work with people who you choose, and they answer directly to you.
3.  A greater degree of control on your finances, when you use them and how you want use them.
4.  You can include all the fittings that suit your tastes

Helpful Tips for Owner Builders

A few helpful tips for owner builders

1. As an Owner Builder, you need to:
a. Understand what this means
b. Know your responsibilities

2. Once you have quotes, ask professionals what you can do help decrease their costs.
Eg. Digging plumbing and electrical trenches.
Ask a painter to only do the cutting in, while you do all remainder of the painting.

3. Have written contracts with all professionals you plan on using - A basic guide here of what you should include in each contract
4.  Talk to your financial institution about how you'll fund your project (if you are using a loan) and how you can structure your payments. Learn more from our article.
5.  Plan on what fittings you'd like to use and those you can afford, you can never plan too much.
6.  Communication is key! You can never communicate enough!

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