What to Know About Getting Started As An Owner Builder

There are many things to consider when starting the build journey as an owner builder, especially here on the Sunshine Coast! We would like to help step you through the process – after understanding the local rules and regulations, the key to success is staying organised and keeping trades on track according to your build schedule!

How do I become and Owner Builder?

In Queensland, it is a matter of applying for an Owner Builder Permit through the QBCC. After completing the course, either delivered online or in person, the permit is granted – simple as that. Read more about the process here.

How to Obtain Certification and Council Approval

As an owner builder, you will need to engage a draftsman to complete a site plan, and certifier to conduct relevant searches for your land. Once you have gathered everything you need, the certifier will complete the council application.

Completing the Works

Being an owner builder does not always mean you need to do all the work yourself – it just means that you are in control of it. You may choose to organise trades for certain parts – and more than likely to achieve a final sign off by the certifier will need to enlist the help from certain trades such as electricians, plumbers. Other non crucial, aesthetic components such as the plaster can be carried out by you – unless you are a licenced trade as well.

Advantages of being an owner builder

The advantages are simply that there is money to be saved in doing the work yourself! You may be wondering what all the fuss is about – considering all the yellow tape there is to cross first. The fact is that obtaining the licence is a relatively straight forward process, and the benefits certainly do outweigh any negative aspects.