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Livable Sheds have become very popular in the Sunshine Coast, as an alternative to traditional building.

Our landscape and climate here on the Sunshine Coast is well suited to this particular design style. We employ clever design tricks such as passive cooling to make the shed home extra comfortable during the Summer months.

Shed Homes can be a more efficient and cost effective overall. With such a wide range and freedom in design, why wouldn't you consider building one? 

Why build a liveable shed home, what are the benefits?

  • Cost saving over a traditional build. Enabling you to spend more where it counts – such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Or perhaps you may want to build completely off grid, adding solar and eco-water systems?
  • Design flexibility! Livable sheds are very adaptable and multifunctional. Long term, you may re-consider the function of the space. Were you needing to upgrade your office space?
  • Aesthetic value – a shed home can look like a great addition to your block of land! We give you the option of customising the cladding, adding patio areas and of course the doors and windows. Your livable shed home can look exactly as you imagined.

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Take a Look at Some of Our Livable Sheds Sunshine Coast - 

Beerwah 125m²
2 Bed, 1 Bath


Mapleton 75m²
1Bed, 1 Bath

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