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Implementing additional recycling into your Gympie household is one of the best ways to create a more sustainable home. Recycling is the process of turning discarded waste materials into new products. The process of recycling will help the environment by reducing the amount of household waste sent to landfill. There are many new techniques that you can implement in order to make recycling both fun and easy! Although there are many tips and tricks that we will provide along the build process as the leading Gympie Builder, we believe that implementing recycling in your home is a big part. Read through our top recycling tips below!

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How Can I Recycle?

There are many ways you can approach this. Generally, most of the household waste will come from the kitchen – so it would be safe to say that you have a disposal bin there. Consider adding a separate bin for all of your recyclable items or even consider a compost bin. Try and be mindful and save the waste from your bathroom as well – a short trip to the main collection point in your home is sure to get the step count up! If you are interested in custom kitchen cabinetry design in order to allow for this – speak to us. All of our Gympie builds are customised based on your personal preferences.

The most important part to consider will be your outside recycling wheelie bin. Using separate bins creates good habits in your home. Depending on your local council – Sunshine Coast, Noosa or Gympie – you may need to request this bin through your rates. 

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Best Recycling Tips from a Gympie Builder?

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that the process is much more efficient. Once your weekly or fortnightly recycle bin has been picked up by the truck, the waste will undergo a complex process. The time required to process all items can be reduced by employing a few simple tasks:

  • Rinse and/or wipe out containers (such as milk containers, sauce jars, etc).
  • Remove lids – the lids will often be made out of a different material to the container and therefore cannot be processed together. It will make more sense to through smaller lids in the general waste (as they are often too small for the recycling plant equipment) and keep large lids separate in the recycled waste.
  • Place all items loosely in the wheelie bin, do not pack the items into bags.
  • Reduce food waste – consider composting.
  • Reuse what you can, whether they be jars for pantry storage or containers for other items.

Compost Your Way To A Healthy Household!

There are so many benefits associated with composting. To begin with, you will save tonnes of waste from entering landfill over a lifetime. One of the biggest contributors to landfill is food scraps. If you do enjoy gardening, you will see the benefits translate through to this area as well. Composted food matter will enrich your soil, better enable moisture retention and supress disease and pests. Why wouldn’t you compost? Complete the circle by growing food for your household, enjoy the benefits of understanding exactly where your food comes from.

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Living smarter, reducing waste and contributing back to the environment is a positive way of life. Here at The Shed House we are passionate about the environment too. If you are interested in further off-grid building tips, contact our friendly Gympie Home Builder team today.

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